Sometimes You Need A Splash Of Pink!

Sometimes You Need A Splash Of Pink!

Well its Hump day !!! ( Wednesday) !! I Took 2 days off  to get all my Christmas stuff down I have over 20 boxes and Tree & out door things got things off mantel. Now to find where in hell i put few odds and ends at when i put up my decor in entry way. Found some in my walk in closet. I’m missing few .. RL hubby went for chemo today. I’m so proud of him he drives his self there. He is also still working in our business too.

He carried all our decorations up stairs to our storage area in attic.

Having  mantell cell non Hodgkin lymphoma  out come I’snt good period. It has low survival rate and always comes back. Is why im still in game blogging it takes my mind off it .  This blog is only for my thoughts and to get things off my chest. Im sorry its not all about the clothing. Its daily life and some times about Second life.

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Best Buddies

Best Buddies

Isn’t this a cutie !!!! ( not me ) This guy!!! I love it !!! its by RINKA&AMPRENTA

Not a blog today im tired didn’t get much sleep today and i need to start getting boxes out of the attic to take down Christmas things. I get so sad taking them down. I don’t know if this will be our last Christmas here in our home or is This my last Christmas with hubbie. Since he has cancer and I’m afraid of all hospital bills that aren’t insured will over amount so far its over  10k Im hoping for miracle for New years !!!! I wish you and your family sl or rl A HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! Huggs!!!

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Miss Rudolph !

Miss Rudolph !

Morning all!!! This is my last post till Monday.. My Daughter & Son inlaw  and GRAND-KIDS!!!! are coming . My daughter and i always had super close relationship but lately not so much.

She wont call unless i do. So i decided to send her text threw Facebook inst. Message .

Its not long its just how are you ect. Normally she would call me all week before she comes talking about what to bring or eat. Not talked to her on phone but 3 times since June. Used to be my grand kids used her phone or my 13 yr old grand daughters phone to call me. It all stopped. My son said same thing about my daughter . She doesn’t talk to them . Also my mom had emailed her she didn’t respond. after 2 weeks and finally said she was doing ok . That’s it !!! This could be good weekend or bad one . Kids right??? Wait till yours get older its worse . You don’t get to see them so much ( i live hour and half away my husband is going threw chemo so we don’t  go up there .) I haven’t had any wine in 6 months since my my meds i had been taking … But i think i will need a bottle this weekend what do you think????? ( god ill be cheap drink not drinking in long time lol i already warned hubbie lol ) ok you have good weekend all hugs !!!

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Just The Beginning Of it !!

Just The Beginning Of it !!

Its The Beginning of it for sure !!!! Tomorrow its Thanksgiving in states !!! Im busy getting ready for company tomorrow . Not a lot my mom and few aunts and uncles dropping in for few . I went shopping with my mom yesterday .. I’m exhausted !!!

I will not go shopping on Friday .. Black Friday yuck!!! I’ve only done that once and that was enough !!! My grown son will go out for electronics  new tv’s and ect he is in his mid 30’s he has more stamina than i do or nerves lol If you live in States have a Happy Thanksgiving im off to post and get house dusted and clean hardwood floors in dinning room * uggg*  hugs all !!!

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Black & Blue

Black & Blue

Morning all !!! I had productive few days  .. Got pedicure !!  went finished ordering Christmas gifts. I am almost done .. All done with Grand kids in October. Real life work is caught up ( Our business hubbie and i have )  This is short i have to do few things in real life this afternoon. You all have a wonderful Hump Day !!

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Salute !!


Morning all .. After last evening my time i couldn’t get into second life like most it was down . Had to scramble this morning to get landmarks lol !!!

This will be super short this morning my blog .. My mom called and kept me on phone for long time .. I love my mom !!! She wants me to come for lunch on Wednesday for my birthday ! Shes making me home made crab cakes yummm!!! Crabs from my uncles and my parents crab pots out on bay they have. I have client i need to call for my RL business you all have a most wonderful day !!

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Stroll In The Woods

Stroll In The Woods

Friday  ahhh!!! Ya made it!!! Long Long week. So much in the news ( Political) wow!!! Im news Junkie … Ok i wont say any more ….

We are having company Sunday. My husbands grown daughter ..( long story short ive not seen her in 5 yrs) Sunday should be interesting … I am cleaning like a mad woman ..

How does a house get so dusty?!!! My hardwood floor in Formal dinning room looks like Halloween in corner of our hutch lol !!! and in foyer ( Entryway ) on hard wood. and stairs im off after i blog to get this done !!!Have as great weekend !!

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Back In The Day When……

Back In The Day When..

Monday Morning !! its going to be in 70s today!!! Were heading towards cooler weather ( don’t’ let Virginia fool you lol ) Old saying is is you don’t like weather in Virginia give it few minutes and it will change. Our weather is never on even keel. Weather will be in high 60’s this week .. By end of month it could be 86  lol . We don;t get out  heavy winter coats here until December or January .. Jacket or hoodie or my jean jacket is only needed . First frost will be November lol . Yes you just had weather lesson!! Ok off to do this blog and get to my rl work ordering canvas for boats take care all have great day !!!

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My Big Red Cup !

My Big Red Cup

Good Morning …. Its a bit cooler here this morning . it will be 75 today and in high 80s rest of week .. In Virginia it doesn’t really get crisp and cool weather until end of October !! or first of November. Looks beautiful but hot and muggy till then . Today is my real life hubbies first day of chemo 😦  Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)  which he has. I know i have talked about it before and i will continue to that’s my biggest concern.

I had had health issues this past year waiting for my new med’s to work but it looks like its time to hit the drawing board again on it . I’m so lucky my mom lives 5 miles from us and can take him to chemo when i cant. I’m still working and calling our customers for our business we are all caught up as of Sunday !!

We have a few in wings waiting. They know my Real life is having chemo. We are seeing how he responds to it  1 round today and one tomorrow and then he doesn’t have any more till next month . You all have a most wonderful and productive day !!!


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