As A Women We All Try To Be Superwoman

As A Women We All Try To Be Superwoman

Morning its about 9:30 am  I am super tired. Yesterday i took RL to our  Doctor about hr away i don’t do well driving in pouring down hard rain but i did it . He hasn’t lost any weight but not gained any weight. His blood pressure and oxygen level is good .

They have ordered a prescription for him eating . It will give urge to eat . Its 300.00 he is on medicare hes over 65 and retired but the pharmacy doesn’t let us use a coupon from offline . hes so worth it !!! I’m praying it will work . Hes drinking plenty of water . Our doctor say he can eat plenty of carbs !! I wish i could I wish could give him some of my weight lol . jk He had Pet scan yesterday too . ( long ass day ) Nothing today and i can get house in order and post.

Thursday is a MRI of the brain to see if its any thing else. If all is clear then it  was late delay in the chemo making him lose weight but it shouldn’t be . He doesn’t want to eat hes afraid he will get sick . Ok not most cheerful Post but its what im living with .. Its called life after cancer with your RL . Hugs all and remember enjoy your rl to fullest

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I Have The Cake .. Do You Have The Forks?

I Have The Cake Do You Have The Plates

Well i haven’t blogged in days. My RL is in hospital . Its pretty bad he has dropped from 138 pounds to 119 pounds to 109 … When he had cancer he never was sick  during it and didn’t lose any weight and worked in our business

He had his body scan and showing NO Cancer this week  coming back . But he wont eat and cant walk down steps and can hardly get dressed Our Doctor had him admitted to ER Wednesday . I didn’t go yesterday due to he needed to be on IV’s the visiting hours are cut back due to virus. I will go today to take his robe and underwear and see him for short time i know it will tire him out . I’m afraid he wont bounce back. I miss him so much and i’m praying for a miracle !!! He had dangerous UTI effected his kidneys and almost got septic . We dont’ know what is effecting his non eating it could be connected to the UTI the infection I will know more later today i hope . Hugs all you have good day

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Grown Up Tea Party !

its a purple morning

Morning . There is so many sad things happening in United States its breaking my heart. This isn’t what should be happening . I’m not going to get on my soap box  With that this morning . I did photo last night and wasn’t happy with it and rushed up stairs to do another. I am OCD with my photos . Is why i cant do but one a day to post  not like most do 2 3 4 ect a day . I’m on a 4 yr old laptop i bought it for SL when i was working at Big Daddy’s club with my second life hubby ( he was Sr DJ and i a Host we worked there for 6 yrs he is first Dj when they opened yrs ago) ( he has pasted away 3 yrs this upcoming January . It has 16 gigs good for crowed events ,  but for photos not so much ! I’m not a graphic designer.

One of my paint programs is ending in December due to its on flash player 😦  Sigh i need to find new one ( i have 2 already that came with my laptop ) That one i use just to tweek it . If you know of any good EASY ( For slow learning old ladies let me know lol ) Even though i have been in second life since day it was in Beta .. I know a lot about the game but i know not tons about blogging as you can see lol . I know there are people that awe me how wonderful they are I know i wont ever be on that level and im fine with that im to old to be jealous lol !! Ok you all have good Thursday and be safe !!

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Got Mail!??

GOT Mail

Morning all !! Not a lot to blog about . I did get all the rolls of TP i needed and Paper towels We have triple rolls of Paper towels and Double rolls of TP  !!! We just cant chance going out due to underlying conditions …Amazon and Wal-mart is my best friend!  LOL

Today im going to order cloth mask on Etsy! I ordered one off Amazon and some dumb ass says its sent and it will be here end of July ( like some TP i have ordered ) There are some bad sellers of Amazon for my dogs bones i order i order from same guy over and over.  Our lives have really changed hasn’t it??!!  As they say new Normal pftt !!

There has been shortage of beef i noticed when i tried do do my grocery store to order steak or roast they say its out. I decide to suck it up and order steaks from Omaha Steaks!!  We normally do that for Christmas Presents not for us to much . We have freezer in laundry room and in the kitchen we have French Fridge freezer on bottom double doors up top…  I worry about hubbie going to all these cancer doctors and us getting the virus . Tomorrow is super cleaning day here at our house !!

Ok all you be safe and remember to wear a mask and wash your hands hugs!!

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By The Bay

By The Bay

Morning all . I feel since the virus has come . I have became a hunter lol . I cant get out of house  with Virus due to you know story .. Hubbie has just gone threw surgery’s and chemo for his 3 cancers. I order weekly or twice week we drive to local grocery store for it . We used to have 2 grocery stores ( Mom and Pop one which they sold out. ) We have a major one Food Lion we order on line from , Then we do a pick-up.

Few things they are not stocking lately . My coffee creamer they told us they are out of . I found 6 online from amazon got them other day.!! SCORE!! I had ordered toilet paper and it got here ( OMG Its like sand paper ugg!!!! Angel Soft its called pfttt not !!! ) reminds me of school toilet paper lol.

I did finally order Charmin and  Bounty Paper towels !!!! SCORE!!! Paper towels will be here Monday i got big bundle .. Now you know why i feel like hunter lol

You all be good and stay super safe hugs!!!

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Strolling In My Dreams,When World Was Normal..

Strolling In My Dreams When World Was Normal

Morning all . Another day … Monday .. I did finally went to website to see where our stimulus check is  it says its coming May 8 .. ( We pay taxes mostly we dont any back lol so is why i had to go to the website to see where it was. ( long story in US if you make under 150k as couple you get from government $1.200 if you have kids extra per kid. ( I i have grown kids and grand kids ) we get total of 2.400 I have mine spent in my mind lol . We are going to re do dinning room floor ( we have 90 yr old farm house) We renovated whole thing 2 yrs ago.

Dinning room we buffed down and stained it ( Hubby said wood was soft cheap old wood look good but its got dings in it . ) going to do tongue and grove fake wood lol !!!

I’m also getting new comforter for our king size bed . I spent $300.00 5 yrs ago on one we have with pillows . WHITE IS NO NO  lol  i got white with designs . Beautiful .. Before the dog and we sitting in bed in mornings drinking coffee watching News lol I wash it weekly ( its more of a farm house type quilt) This time it will be from same place and dark color lol !!! Hubby can do our floors so will save us money . so i told hubbie ill give him 400 of mine towards bills lmao!! he can use his towards any thing he wants !!

Knowing him he has every thing . When i met him he is older than i am so he has every tool and every gadget they make .. His air compressor to his power washer. to and has newest grill and we have smoker and giant crab pot to cook crabs. Ok im rambling

Hugs all and be safe !!!

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Spring Comes In All Forms

Spring Comes In All Forms

Morning i hope  you all are all safe and doing well . We are doing well here . I’ve had to cut my gel nails shorter !! I got them done in March and i have no idea when i will be sitting close to some one like that again and them holding my hand doing my nails.

My hair was cut before all this but my highlights i was suppose to get few weeks ago didn’t get done due to virus . I have red hair no gray yay me lol !!!  but i have high lights put into it due to my red hair ( ginger dark auburn how every you want to say it , Went darker as i got past 50 ! ) alrighty my jabbering time is about up . Again stay safe don’t go out unless you must !! Hugs keep the faith!!

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Morning .. I hope we All are doing well. I worry about This damn virus all time. I try not to . I work from home It keep my mind busy !! . We have home business believe me we are still busy. We are are a seasonal business.  Our business is Boat Canvas work.

Vinyl seating for boat seats every type of boat. T- Tops for boats. Covers for boats ( which have zippers) We do awnings for business and porches . Rv seating . We are only one around until 45 miles . We live on Chesapeake Bay this is a Boat town for sure !! Our business picks up in End of March ..

We have been busy !! You can go boating even though were on lock down .. If its just your self in bay !! .. We have them drop off items in front of our  our fence to our business out back. and we put it back there again once its done . If  we work on a boat hands on .. its docked with out any one around . Ok ive gone on and on . Take care be safe !! Hugs

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All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

All Dressed Up And No Where To Go ..STAY HOME!!

Alright Peeps!!! How are you all doing ?!!! Safe I hope. I know we all are ok as long as we shut out whats happening with the Virus. Being in SL does that . But reality doesn’t escape whats happening . Its just not in your country its all over world.

I dont get teary eyed till Night time when dog is sleeping and my RL  is sleeping. Im on my phone or watching CNN late at night, as i said i’m a news junkie.

I have been thinking what am i going to do with my gel nails!! got them done month ago before all this started. We are in lock down state here in Virginia !! I don’t have any nail polish remover to soak them to take them off. I haven’t had regular nails off in ages my normal nails have been brittle for ages. I started wearing them 18 yrs ago. But ugly ass nails are better than dying !!! Glad i got my pedicure then and my hair done.

Ok again this old woman is babbling. You stay safe and don’t take any chances. Hugs!!

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