On Second Thought . I Will Skip The Beach & Chill!

On Second Thought . I Will Skip The Beach. And Chill!

I am not a beach person !! lol . I am the person that goes for week to beach and rent a beach house , With a pool !! I am a real life redhead . I burn i don’t tan what so ever. I’ve gone to beach when i was kid sand and being knocked down by waves! Eating sand and salt water isn’t my thing to do lol . I love the water, Boating fishing and crabbing!! & sitting on deck drinking lemonade or glass of wine. No sunburns !!

*B.D.R.*   Summertime Bikini Marketplace

ICONIC  ERAKAH The Liaison Collaborative

Chicchica  Soda  Blush

Eudora3D  Josephine Heels&Cuffs Kinky Event

EF  Cambria Crest Necklace FaMESHed

Yummy Bejeweled Spring Shades

^^Swallow^^  Princess Ears


Simple Dreams

Simple Dreams

We all have dreams in life . Mine seems to be pretty simple . I cant wait till we move in few weeks into our remodeled home. Yes i talk about this daily in my blog lol !! ( if your reading it its all time ) We have worked super hard on it . We had 4 different contracts on  homes . Finally found this 1930s house we love re doing them ( our 3rd one lol ) This is farm house redone modern but kept the old concept of it . I could go on and on but wont . 15 more days and were moving yay !! lol


Decoy Lisa Lingerie  BLUSH

Eudora3D Abby Stillettos & Ankle Bracelets  uber

[ zerklalo ]  Nikoletta Dark – Bed

(Yummy) Eclat Necklace





This is so me in RL lol .. I am a coordinator for sure !! I love to match .. I wont go out of house unless i have earrings on and little make up ( dont want to scare the kids at the bus stop lol ( jk) I do wear around house old jeans and yoga pants and old tee shirts with holes in it lol and sweatshirts. But if i walk out of house its on !! lol


Seniha. Aroa Suit  @POCKETGACHA Pocket gatcha Open ’15th June’ 14th July

Seniha  Aroa Suit  Pocket Gatcha hud

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[Black Bantam] My Cutie Dachshund Pup Love equal10

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

[Blossom] Sport Glasses Lens


Sea & Tea !!

Sea & TeaThis photo on the water is dedicated to our Sailboat we sold 3 years ago ! We were moving to Florida didn’t want to pay for shipping and we weren’t living on the water . We moved back here to Virginia last year . We do miss it and have the chance to buy it again but we decided as they say .. The happiest day is when you buy a boat and when you sale it lol !! We are living on the Chesapeake bay again we go sailing with friends now ( with out the hassle and maintenance lol )

:::ChicChica::: Ice Tea Wear both in each hand or one at a time . Rez one out on the table and as prop or to get a tea !! This is at BLUSH EVENT!!

Decoy – @ The Arcade The Set Sail Gacha has Captains Hat,Bandeau, Jacket, Skirt The Rare Anchor Print (4 -Color Hud) For Maitreya Lara

ChicChica Ice Tea Blush Event

Decoy  Sail Set ARCADE

GIZ SEORN  Nautical Set – Necklace & Ring & Bracelet

{Limerence} Rina hair  FaMESHed

Focus  ( Sail Boat with poses )  Sailboat Men

Candyyyy !!

Candyyyy !!I am older person, I remember 5 and 10 stores (5 &Dime ) when i was little girl . We used to collect in Virginia bottles for 3 cents and turn in RC & Coke Pepsi and Grape Orange Dr Pepper and Mountain Dew bottles and go to store and we spend our money on candy. I loved fireballs !! Fireballs are still around to this day . Candy cigarettes & Clark bars were my favorites !! Most of you all probably never heard of these hard candies . I could go on and on .. My Real life hubby loves M&Ms !! ChicChica did such a wonderful likeness of the package looks so real! but they are L&L’s on package.

-Narcisse- Julia Tshirt Corset Dress on the hud has cord color and belt & Metals dress all in the fatpack

Narcisse  Julia Tshirt Corset Dress Marketplace

ChicChica ChocoCandies Comes with Left & Right hand and Rez items

ChicChica  ChocoCandies   Blush

little bones  Close   COLLABOR88

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Yummy  Sweet Like Candy Ring Set   N21

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear

[Blossom]  Sport Glasses Lens

[BREATHE]  Mimi Flats-RedLips

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle And [MANDALA]777 Necklacejewelry set Red



Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets to

Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets toIf we all have had a pet in our life time .. We talk to them like they are human ! lol I have been lucky enough in my life time to have had few pets i still dearly miss. That are departed. I didst like cats but one day i got a cat i lived on a farm 368 acres of land had all corn fields. Which produced mice!!! I got one not wanting to be attached to her . Well long story short i did lol . She was my confidant for 17 years. After her departure, I didnt get a pet for 6 years . We now have a cockapoo ! Part poodle and cocker spaniel . Shes almost 2 full of energy lol … They live long they say about  span of 15 years . I talk to Pumpkin like shes one of my besties  lol Shes trust worthy and doesn’t spread rumors lol


Decoy – Rebecca Dress Each dress has a HUD to change the color of straps and metal rings Dress also comes with built-in panties has a hud with color options match the dress colors

Decoy   Rebecca Dress: Fatpack Blush

{Limerence} Rosaly hair With Flowers Bloom

[BREATHE] Anais Heels–White

JIAN  JIAN Splendid Spaniels Floor Snoozer

{Your Dreams}  Wedding Spring Tulips – Reception Chair & Tulip Jug Lost and found

{moss&mink}  Sweet Retreat – Bed

(Yummy)  Festival Ring Set N21



Purple Passion

Purple Passion.jpg

The day after a holiday, Easter your either tired from all egg hiding or going to long church services, or eating way to much .. I spend mine working in real life with my hubby on our new house .. We bought a 1940’s house to remodel and  turn it into a cute farm house !!! I have been ill for while so its slow process ( we sold our house in Florida and moved back to Virginia) and bought this house .. So glad my mom has big house lol ! we  live upstairs 2 bedroom  bathroom and den up here she has bottom level we hope to be finished with the house by may and moved in.


Daniella by Sexy Princess is a cute sexy lacy spunky number! It comes in white & black & Red comes in Comes in Freya Hourglass Maitreya Curvy Fine Venus sizes

Sexy Princess Daniella  MarketPlace

Bauhaus Movement  Audrey Purse / PINK-GOLD  Blush


Love  [Downer Jacket] White – ( blush) Blush

.::Nanika::. Ksenia Sunglasses White

SAYO  Melted Backdrop – Strawberry  Uber 

Tableau Vivant Selene fringe  Uber



My Thoughts

My Thoughts1The Apple Shorts Fatpack  are laced in front and on the sides the metal is changeable also it includes color hud for strings/straps Thigh Garters are Optional

Decoy Apple Shorts: Fatpack Blush

Pseudo Leighton Top  Uber

tram H0316 hair(bangs2)

.::Nanika::.  Vinca tattoo Blue

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle

oOo Studio oOo Stuido Toasty stand (rezzes prop on stand)

^^Swallow^^   Pyramid Ear


Shes Got Legs !!

Shes Got LegsThese Sexy Stiletto Heels by Avie Barbara Heels come in a array of colors to please any palette you will be standing wondering which one do i pick or just pick !!


Avie  Barbara Heels  Prismagica Event

taketomi  CLIQUE

villena –  Laced Up Denim Top & Split Denim Shorts   kustom9

Astralia Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Necklace

^^Swallow^^  Pyrmid ear & Aphrodite Bento Rings

BellePoses   Heart Rug Prismagica Event

ninety  doll house backdrop pink

AsteroidBox  Yeoleum Eumlyo // Blue

Black Bantam  My Pretty Kitty Cat Static Decor Mesh blush event

[ zerkalo ]  Be My Valentine – Rug

Vagabond  Neon Signage (Wet Dreams)  Blush Event

+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Tower – Choco Ombre

Bueno Headset

What Next Isabelle Nail Polish Decor



Purple Haze

Purple haze
:::KC::: Bellia Shorts ★Includes: • Hud with 20 Colors for Short & Belt • Maitreya//Belleza All Bodys// Slink & Hourglass

Kendrasy Creations  Bellia Shorts Marketplace

ninety    ( With Balloons) Spring Parking Backdrop

Exile Sugar High Blush Event

MishMish Bear Cookie Mouthie / Blue Blush Event

Sari – Hot Day Tank Tops (Pink) Blush Event

Vagabond   Neon Signage (Sweet Thing) Blush Event

Letis Tattoo : Sati

ChicChica  Fifie Pink

+Half-Deer+  Rose Petals – Pink –   Flower Stringlights

Kirin Pose -Cheerleader Jump

^^Swallow^^ Pyrmid ear