Cinderella For The Day!!

Cinderella For The Day

Morning all . Hope your doing well, Being safe. Hubbie has to go get blood work this morning for his next surgery to take cancer off his ear. Its never ending saga !!

We did get our stimulus check in mail !! I’m planning on getting new dinning room floor out of it . Hubbie putting it in . Ordering few other things .. Came in handy.

Ok im going to let you off hook today im off to post this have good day Hugs

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Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Good Morning all its almost 9am Est . I’m up and doing laundry  ( did 2 loads of clothes and 2 of towels) All stacked up on my dryer i’m to lazy to put them away lol !! ( This is time i miss having teens to do my dirty work . They are all grown now and one has teen of her own . )

Hubbie has another appointment with one of his Doctors to remove his cancer off his ear  ( one of other team member’s) Over hour away from here. Hoping you staying safe.

Our state wont open until June. We are steadily going up hill … not flattening . I’m glad were not going back yet . These other places are open for movie theaters and gyms and nails and hair . I love my gel nails but those days are gone i wont get them done for long long time now. They look horrible but oh well. My hair is sort now so it can grow to point i don’t care put it in hair tie. I have no gray hair so that’s a plus lol .. I Just will miss my highlights . With having rl spouse with cancer you don’t chance things. Ok all you stay safe I’m off to post this ..

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I Just Opened The Bar. Come On Over!

I Just Opend The Bar. Come On Over

Morning . I know most of us are under Tornado watch or sightings . Bad weather here ,

Praying for the loss & damage of Alabama. Here we are under Tornado watch and we are locked down here in Virginia from virus. My rl husband is heading to doctors office to have piece off his ear taken off .. He has Melanoma  He has just finished chemo from mantel cell non Hodgkin lymphoma …This isn’t our first or second scare of Cancer .

He had cancer cut out of his whole ear and had replaced his ear.

I’m sitting here with shoes on lol . You like i dont get it . I am barefoot a lot around house i have prepared for Tornado . Our walk in closet has flash light phone charger ( one with out electric) pillows blankets . You all be safe hugs !!!

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Be Strong !!

Be Strong !!

Morning .. How are You all doing this morning ??!! I know its hard to have every one home in house .. or to be alone … Thank goodness we have internet. Second life.

I haven taken longer to do photos and post. I get distracted worrying about my grown kids and my mom . My daughter called me and said her fridge broke. She called her landlord and they had warranty company come out . Shes working from home living ( she is mgr in big insurance company )  in city suburbs in Town house . Her husband in on road during weekly .. She is stuck with 1 dog and 2 cats and my 3 grand kids.!!

1 Grandson 10 and 2 grand daughters .. One is 13 and my youngest she is 5 .. My daughter is a saint !!! My son and his wife work from Geico. ( daughter in law is 2 yrs out having leukemia !! They just built a new house and are going to enjoy working from home lol  ( no grand kids from them yet) Just grand dog lol !! called louie … My mom is home with my brother . I finally talked to my brother.  ( He is alcoholic) I said you need to go to AA

He is going there i didn’t know .i know who his sponsor is .. long story i am talking to him keeping my guard up .  Hubbie did go back to doctor for other cancer he has on his ear basil cell carcinoma ( sigh) after 6 rounds of chemo for his non mantel cell Hodgkin lymphoma omg i just re read this … YIKES !! If my family can make it threw this we are golden !!! Hugs all keep in touch with your loved ones . Call them skype them email text call them . We are in troubled times it effects whole world . Peace be safe

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Gold Nugget

Gold Nugget

Morning … Hubbie has gone for his after chemo scan this morning ..  Im little worried but that is normal .  I have to deliver few seat cushions this morning to few boats for our business to keep me busy. I wish this cancer thing was behind us . But it will never be .

I haven’t been into blogging lately. I’m not going to quit . I have cut back a lot . Its only reason I’m still in second life after 15 yrs. My second life hubbie of 6 Yrs died 2 yrs ago. I tend to stick to my self a lot . I never did like having a friends list of 100s I always kept it simple. I have trust issues and my circles are small . My dearest friend that got me in Second life left 5 yrs  ago her and i started out in beta. We had second lifes first wedding venue & photography ! Which i knew nothing about lol . ( avies were just ugly then lol ) My other bestie of 5 yrs logs in every 3 to 4 months for little while and shes gone we do stay in contact by RL  facebook .

Would i like a friend .. Yeah and no lmao!!!  I dont have to worry about drama this way lol  i have large parcel of land 2 of us only on the sim ( 2 plot)s  I do park a lot during day due to my rl work from home. Its hard to find a ( Real person) for a friend . I laugh at few one month some is their bestie and they talk daily for few month and then they move to next flavor ( friend ) of the month . I just laugh and let them move on . I don’t beg for friendship and never will . My theory is .. Trust is earned not given.

My take on Second life since beta makes me probably more cynical ! You all have a most wonderful Friday !!! have great weekend .

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The Blues

The Blues

Morning .. I have cut back on 3 of my sponsors due things going on. All uninsured doctors bills from RL Cancer  .. They have racked up to 30,000 !!! ( Insurance didn’t cover)  We have been paying them fast and furious ..


Hubbie had talk to the hospital to see if they could modify his bills.  They said we made to much money to help us out.

We don’t want them to garnish his retirement checks. I didn’t know he was behind on the mortgage. We Were behind 2 now its one. They( FHA our mortgage company ) want him to drive 4 hours with cancer and to talk to them. or they will come to our home and then charge us (scare-tacit) told hubbie contact our lawyer ( a friend ) So hes gone to our lawyers office to see what rights we have .

Cancer can rob you and your home too ! My mom called me yesterday and wanted to talk i told her id call her in few days i cant deal with her asking and me bawling on phone to her. This morning again she was on her cell in car i told her mom its not been few days. ( I know shes dying to know) I have borrowed money fro my mom before its like owing the devil lol . I love her but not at this moment i just cant. She is going to out of town for few hrs and wanted me to know ( she never tells me this. ) I do vent on my blog and this is life!

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It’s Going To Be One Of Those Day’s!!

It's Going To Be On Of Those Day's!!

I so wanted to stay in bed this morning .. We had one heck of heavy rain last night.

Our cockapoo now seems wants to go out 3 times after 11pm threw night !! I think shes sleeping way to much under my desk during day. We have over acre backyard, I try to throw ball when im not so busy with RL work.  With crappy weather ( its been over 50 degrees for past week. ) and Rain or fog. We haven’t had any snow last year or none this year . We used to now theirs your climate change. When i was growing up in Virginia ( is where im living now ) We had good amount of snow for Virginia at least had snow days .

I like to see snow . We lived in Florida for year and half and moved back here . I missed the fall and spring .

You all have a most wonderful day hugs !!!

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Blue Hue

Blue Hue

Good Morning … Friday Friday!!! I’m waiting on a guy to come and fix my ice maker in our 2 yr old fridge. It has 2 ice makers one in bottom drawer and one up top with water.

Its one with water in it  on the door isn’t working. The repair person came around thanksgiving and wanted to come fix it Christmas eve day and we had to turn off fridge for 24 hrs we told them to come after Christmas ( we had company and didn’t want to throw away our food . ) We have a freezer in our laundry room to keep more frozen food. Sooo our food is in cooler and in a small fridge we have up in our den we keep our diet cokes and water in . ( like dorm / college type fridge ) The guy came last time repair guy had attitude from hell. Well this Ginger ( me) let him have it. He said it wasn’t worth fixing .  This is a 2,000 high end fridge. I told him it will be fixed ( we have 2 warranty one with lowe’s and home warranty) ok off my soap box he will be here between 10am and noon and its 9am now .. Have a great day hugs !!! \

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White Smoke

White Smoke

Morning . I guess i was wrong . When i thought people didn’t read my blog. I only do my blog for therapeutic issues. Didn’t  think id have over 30 people respond in IM’S and in Flickr and on my blog about things. I dont talk to any one but few in second life . I don’t even go out only to Events to shop and on my land to do photos any more . I really don’t care if people know things about me . I have in second life since Beta.

My mom had called me yesterday for some information she needed. I told her we needed to talk she said we were ok.  ( Good cause i didn’t want to really talk lol )

I’m cutting this one short i have few phone calls and looking to find out where the material is for our canvas company is . Should been here yesterday Fed ex guy came but didn’t bring one bolt yesterday. We are doing a RV Seating now and have a boat in yard and some one will call today to look at swatches  for new seating on there yacht.  Even with Cancer my hubbie is out in his shop ( in our back yard ) working daily it keeps him sane and fighting !!!! Have a great weekend all .

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