Yes , I Am Wearing Big Flower!


Morning all . I am having slight cough .. i know its from nasal drip from my allergies from spring coming . My mind is playing games with me .. Told Hubbie we need plan if one of us gets the virus and one sleeps upstairs and other stays in our bedroom down stairs. (lap top is up here in guest room/office. I know we all want this over with .

I do a lot of praying for all of you in the world and my family & friends. keep in touch with your rl families and friends ..This makes you wake up and realize a lot of things aren’t as important as it used to be .. You know. I park a lot .. My friendships in sl aren’t what they used to be any more . My partner in sl died 2 yrs ago from his long term illness i truly miss him now . ( He was my best friend in the world) lol im trailing off like blabbing idoit!! BE SAFE PLEASE HUGS!!!!!


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Nerido Luisa Top

DOUX Malori Hairstyle

KUNGLERS Rosa necklace Bloom

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The Softer Side

The Softer Side

Morning !!! I got up at 6am why i haven’t a clue why lol !!!

I went to bed at 1am 5 hrs is the least i can run on.  Lets see if i crash and burn today or not. Day 14 of my diet … I don’t own scales ( they  don’t work half of time ) or You gain and then lose off and on. I go by clothing. I wish i could say my Jay lo butt was gone by now but not yet lol !!!!  I am in the water weight loss stage. I had in past lost tons of weight and have gained back 30pds  that started after i stopped smoking 3 yrs ago .. ( yeah i blame smoking lol gota blame something  right ? ok dokie Im off to post have good day!!!

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Wasabi Melon Hair Uber

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~Bed Room Chill~

Bedroom Chill

Hi Happy Monday !!! ( not really but sounded good lol ) !! Did we all have a good weekend?!!! I worked & spring cleaned. Yesterday was all hands on deck !!! ( my rl and my dog lol ) We did hardwoods in dinning room, shampoo carpets, windows !! Bathrooms. Cleaned windows . I moved my exercise bike in my spare bedroom/Office by myself away from window to other end of the room .. So far no pain lol ( real life said he should moved it !! due to my back issues) I know hes stronger than i am but i had something to prove to my self. ( I’m hard headed lol ) Ok enough jibber. Have a great day at what ever you do !!


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Eudora3D Deja Wedges FaMESHed

Stealthic Passion

Green Eyed

Green EyedWhen I was a teen we all had the greeneyed bug ! You know green eyed envy.
for silly things .. Like i am real life red head, I cant tan a lick lol .. I envied the girls at our local pool we belonged to that all tanned and they laughed at me for burning and then turning back to white again. When i was little girl in middle school they called me firetruck and made sound of fire engine, as I walked down the hallway. I entered high school my red hair became my signature and I stopped being envious of the other girls as in my older age now. The non sun bathing has left me with out wrinkles and no melanoma no leather skin. My red-hair is still red with out any gray in it .. Some of us in this game carry over their envy /green-eyed monster concept. I am not envious of the best photographers/bloggers in second-life .I am in awe of how they are so talented and i always give comments . As you get older like me you tend to not care what people think of you .. Childhood, Teen yrs are spent on having the green eyed bug . Not Mature self assured women.

..::PD::.. ( Paperdoll’s) Budded heel Comes in Black heel with hud has 8 diffrent bud colors and also with out buds laces up front


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Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets to

Your The Only One I Tell All My Secrets toIf we all have had a pet in our life time .. We talk to them like they are human ! lol I have been lucky enough in my life time to have had few pets i still dearly miss. That are departed. I didst like cats but one day i got a cat i lived on a farm 368 acres of land had all corn fields. Which produced mice!!! I got one not wanting to be attached to her . Well long story short i did lol . She was my confidant for 17 years. After her departure, I didnt get a pet for 6 years . We now have a cockapoo ! Part poodle and cocker spaniel . Shes almost 2 full of energy lol … They live long they say about  span of 15 years . I talk to Pumpkin like shes one of my besties  lol Shes trust worthy and doesn’t spread rumors lol


Decoy – Rebecca Dress Each dress has a HUD to change the color of straps and metal rings Dress also comes with built-in panties has a hud with color options match the dress colors

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