The Blues

The Blues

Morning .. I have cut back on 3 of my sponsors due things going on. All uninsured doctors bills from RL Cancer  .. They have racked up to 30,000 !!! ( Insurance didn’t cover)  We have been paying them fast and furious ..


Hubbie had talk to the hospital to see if they could modify his bills.  They said we made to much money to help us out.

We don’t want them to garnish his retirement checks. I didn’t know he was behind on the mortgage. We Were behind 2 now its one. They( FHA our mortgage company ) want him to drive 4 hours with cancer and to talk to them. or they will come to our home and then charge us (scare-tacit) told hubbie contact our lawyer ( a friend ) So hes gone to our lawyers office to see what rights we have .

Cancer can rob you and your home too ! My mom called me yesterday and wanted to talk i told her id call her in few days i cant deal with her asking and me bawling on phone to her. This morning again she was on her cell in car i told her mom its not been few days. ( I know shes dying to know) I have borrowed money fro my mom before its like owing the devil lol . I love her but not at this moment i just cant. She is going to out of town for few hrs and wanted me to know ( she never tells me this. ) I do vent on my blog and this is life!

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Morning its Sunday when all should be resting and chilling and sleeping in .. I’m up and getting coffee and posting i try to keep my sponsors to a minimum. I  only post one daily i don’t know how these bloggers can do 2 or 3 or 4  a day!!! I am such  ADD and OCD I will do 15 and delete them and re do it lmao !!! I then post and still dislike it lol. There  are so many wonderful bloggers and some do such beautiful work i’m so in awe in them. I am just happy i am still hanging in there about mid way .. We all hit our stride early and some like me will hit it eventually or not. I’m here to fill my days while i work from home with my real life job . I don’t even play second life. I do have my big land that i will never give up lol i like no lag and only 1 other person the sim!!

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Christmas Eve Day

Christmas Eve Day

Morning all. I had my company Sunday and they left yesterday . My daughter and gran kids and son in law. Funny how grown kids are ! My daughter has issues i’m pretty sure they been married 15 yrs and 3 kids. They were bit stand offish. ( Not like them )

My son had said he and his wife would be here for Christmas . I have yet to pin point them for time or day during holidays . My daughter said she was going to my sons today to drop her  grandma ( her dads mother) to my son. for the day . I was told he only had one day off by his wife and it was Christmas day and hes off today & Tomorrow.

His wife ( daughter in law ) told me they get back to me that was last Wednesday. This is unlike them also. I’m beginning to not be fond of Christmas. My real life has cancer and he finally told me his bill so far is 10,000 dollars uninsured and it will keep adding up.  and We don’t have that lmao !!! gawd i told him i didn’t want lien on our house . CANCER I SO HATE YOU !!!! FU CANCER LOL Take your money and his life. Its been hard to be on a happy face. His numbers are great but the out come of surviving Non Mantel cell Hodgkin lymphoma

Its a fast moving spreading cancer. The survival rate is only 18 months 😦  So blogging is my outlet. ok all lets get this up and out hugs Have a Merry Christmas and be thankful for what you have and will have hugs all !!!

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On To Our Next Adventure !!

On To Our Next Adventure

Morning .. Its Monday … Ugg !! lol  I had so so weekend did you ?!!! My RL Hubby’s   daughter came to visit us I haven’t seen her in 5 yrs … ( Grown children  are horrible at their parents divorce  even though its after 15 ! lol ) I didn’t meet her dad until 5 yrs ago.

She is middle child she is 46 yrs old. ( yes im older than her!) She was on her way back from a cruise and stopped by ( she lives 2 hrs away) She only sees her dad half way at restaurant every few years they used to be super close.


He has cancer now. I behind her back call her ice queen. Her best friend came with her

( I really liked her) ! They only stayed little over a hour. I told her when he left room she needed to bring grand kids to see him ( they are teens) he has stage 3 cancer. The 3 daughters liked me till we got engaged ! Its their loss if they don’t go back to spending time with their dad .. Nothing i can do. I do feel so bad for him. My kids ( grown ) and my grand kids call him grandpa he loves them so much and vice versa. !!! Had to get this off my chest even though it might not be read  buy any one but me . Have a most wonderful day all hugs!!!

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Happy Hump Day!!! Middle of the week its all down hill now !! I’ve been bit under weather but I’m still trudging lol  I am also sadden by all the shootings breaks my heart. W’eve had in the states.

My internet is super fast Now all is A ok lol..And shows its fast on SL. My issues have been textures going in and out of focus ( could be my land) Any one sees this know how to remedy this let me know . I don’t ask firestorm any more ( I been in game since beta ) it used to be you clear cache or you would hit debug or other ways now zippy !! Eventually i wait and then it can take photo lol . ( pain in ass for sure ) ok im off to go and post and do more orders for our canvas bushiness… It wont slow down until the boats come out of water which is about Beginning of November or first hurricane which comes first. Have great day all .

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Flowers & White Silk

Flowers & White Silk

Morning !!! Its I know it keep talking about weather .. 98 Today uggg . I so wanted to have coffee on the porch this morning when i opened the door at humidity at 100% its like some one slapped me in face lol. Turned around headed up to My office … You all keep cool today or warm where ever you live i need to make some fast business calles and ect.. have a most wonderful Tuesday !!!

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Hat Glam

Morning !!! its a beautiful day here in Virginia !! I had coffee on the front porch with the breeze …You can smell salt air here!!! We live on side of road there isn’t the water ( it cuts in and out threw the county ) Our neighbors across street has the beautiful view we can see a little.  Today’s my real life’s Birthday !!!! Hes taking dog to groomer .. And going to lowes i know not much of birthday for him. Im going to bake him a cake he doesn’t know it .  Hard to keep secret from him. ( im not the baker he is lol ) You all have a wonderful day !!!

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In The Blue

In The Blue

Well its Sunday !!!! nothing exciting or even boring going on here ! Im getting ready for my rl  go out of state and im having company coming in 2 weeks for 5 days . Dont think ill be on second life for 5 days .. My lap top is in guest bedroom hardwired on a stand ( i use it like a pc  ( laptop stands high about 5 inches . ) Or tell my cousin im on a game shuffle her out so i can blog lol . Not thought it over yet. lol…

Not end of world if i dont . In 15 yrs since beta i have left a lot. Sparkle is my 2nd avatar Sparkle had her 10th anniversary rez day last week !!! few old friends sent me IMs from old days not talked to them in ages . I worked at Big Daddys 80s club for 7 yrs they had big sign at club for my rez day Mgr contacted me told me i had forgotten it lol  My first Avatar i deleted i didnt know when you paid back then you could keep it with out paying. ( when i first started there wasn’t any land to rent . You had to buy linden lab land and then you had to pay monthly . ( you just shacked up with buddies lol ) It was more fun in old days !!! we weren’t so pretty but we had lots of fun. Have a great day all !!!

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