Fox & Socks!!

Fox & Socks!

Good Morning !!! Its Sunday before Thanksgiving here in the states!! Things are busy here in my house hold. My real life is up banging on front porch before 9am ( im sure the neighbors love him lol )  We do live in country but our neighbor is night Mgr at Walmart hes not been getting sleep I’m sure. We are renovating our house we bought . We were done with all major things but . When you live in flat low line area on the water here, You only have certain septic field ( sewer/ wells) He took our front porch door and designed it to the side and added new steps ! took all brick off old one and re did it and now re screening our screen on porch . There isn’t anything my rl cant build or make. We didn’t like walking on the muddy hill to front porch . I know yada yada i write about boring things lol .. Is my life perfect?? no… Is it full of ups and downs ??? Yes!! But its my life and its the best ive had in many many years. have a great Sunday im going to post and then do some odds and ends and then watch Redskins play football !!

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Thanksgiving “Fall” Party

Thanksgiving Party !

Thanksgiving time of long ago when i was much younger ( In my late 20’s ) There used to be a formal dance with moose lodge ( Here in States) It was called the turkey twist!
Mostly was excuse to get drunk and all dressed up with members of Moose lodge  lol !!!

I went few years in row . Started off great all rich older people in their furs and jewelry and they bring their little case ( their liquor case full of top shelf brands ) I brought my cheapo brand lol ( still had same effect !!) I had my dress that i had worn year before

( they are drunk by 9pm they don’t remember where their car was parked let alone

I wore this dress two years in a row lol ! Ok enough yammering im off to post and then get busy making pies for next week Thanksgiving, i will freeze them. Then to make grocery list .. We are having 8 people for Thanksgiving so far !!! ( I’m hoping few wont come lol )

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