ūüéÖ It’s A Candy Cane Day! ūüéÖ

It's A Candy Cane Day

Morning .. Lack of sleep ugggh!!! No i didn’t party all night lol.¬† sciatica still in my leg and worrying about RL chemo this afternoon. I am positive but i still worry !! Today and tomorrow are his days for it. all he has left is January and Then February.

Our 5 year old beautiful Christmas tree we bought together our first year . lights have burned out on it ūüė¶ few rows !! Hubbie is retired electrification and hes been sitting there working on it since lunch yesterday one row done 1 more we hope will be fixed¬† Why don’t i buy another? Well im picky for my Trees. ( i hate real trees!!¬† the mess) If im buying one it will be next year the one i want is 300- 400 dollars. So its to late to even order it . ok im off to post have great day all

Seniha   Debbie Set  UBER



Monday Monday!! Not much to blog about . ( SHOCK HUH?)¬† lol …

Non eventful weekend !! Did some shopping online, I bought sweater and¬† pair of earrings and iPhone leather case . Spent time looking for my grand daughters Christmas presents . They want jewelry box. I have 13 yr grand daughter and 5 yr grand daughter. My 10 year old grand son is lot easier to buy for lol My boring life.. I don’t have any second life gossip or news like some do in their blogs!! I guess i stay in real life a little to much !!! My husband has Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer , Hes doing really well with his cancer . I’m so proud of him . He works on our canvas business and chemo doesn’t so far made him sick. We know that this cancer doesn’t have a success rate ūüė¶

He has 3 more rounds . His numbers are great so far!!! Lots of prayers . Have a great Monday all hugs !!!

Mangula Madame Arcade

DOUX Jessa  Equal10



Want To Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol!!)

Wanta Lick My Panda ( Ice Cream Silly lol )

Good Morning its Thursday one more day folks till Friday !!! its cloudy and 60 degrees … Yes!!!! no ac this morning !!!¬† We have dual system for up and down heat pump ( central air) Give our electric bill break … Cant wait ..Our electric bill is lower in the winter.

Yesterday I got a refund from my old health insurance to tune of 2,500 dollars!!! (long story in letter) I looked at real life and said this is real !!!!! I signed it and was so happy i could of ran all way to bank * its only 2 miles lol* but i took SUV !!

I have my catalogs to my favorite expensive clothing store ( I only drool over and cant afford lol ) I told RL Im buying 2 sweaters and then paying few of his medical bills and paying few bills way ahead of time !! ( ITS LIKE CHRISTMAS !!!) LOL

I will pay my rent for over month in second life .. I do it bi weekly . When we get paid ..

Good things like this never happen to me lol .. Times are changing lol !!!

Have a most wonderful Thursday all hugs !!!


ViSion Skylar  Uber



I’m soo Not Ready To Wake up Yet!

Im soo Not Ready To Wake up Yet!

Good Sunday Morning !!! ( its morning when i blog this ) Still having issues with my blog.

I’m using back door to work it meaning its not the way i posted for over 2 yrs. I’m such a creature of habit, I think we all are. I have hard time learning things takes me a while.

When i do learn it i can teach it!! I can do it in my sleep. ok ok enough stuff i am running late this morning im little sluggish for past week . ( health issues not getting into that )

ok have a great last day of your weekend !!!

Scandalize Hello beautiful CUP Р#2 RARE   Arcade
Hello beautiful TOP #6 RARE
Hello beautiful PANTY #6 RARE

Tableau Vivant Janelle Uber

Sophia Necklace Supernatural  SaNaRae


Stroll Out For Ice Cream

Stroll Out For Ice Cream

Good Morning Happy Thursday !! Its getting closer to the weekend .. I haven’t posted in few days. Parked a lot in second life and did real life work. I did go shopping to Mall with my mom (* NOTE AND REMEMBER SPARKY HATES SHOPPING IN RL *) lol My brother given my mom gift card for Christmas . 350.00 ( Guilt Christmas money he hasn’t come here in a year and lives in same state and only 3 hrs away) So my mom bought me 200.00 dollars worth of clothing lmao !! Good sale at Macy’s 3 tops lol.. ( Perks of being there for your parents¬† and not expecting any thing in return.) She treated me to lunch.

Ok i think thats enough to fill some of my blog page so it looks like ive done some work lol . Have a great day today all !!


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Scandalize Nairi DRESS Uber


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Santa’s favorite Reindeer

Santa's favorite Reindeer

Seems my world press site has new update and i have to keep redoing the format so until i do this blog will be short

Vanilla Bae  Back to school Babe  Arcade

Drew Cardigan (White) Maitreya #14
Drew Skirt Blogger (ADULT)Maitreya RARE #1
Drew Knotted Top (ADULT) Maitreya RARE #2
Drew Shoes #3 RARE
Drew Socks:#3 RARE

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{Limerence} Maiz hair Vanity event

[MANDALA] Pearl Rain season2 necklace/cream

Swallow Noldor Elf Ears

Cant Stay Awake Any Longer

Cant Stay Awake Any Longer

Morning !!! Its Sunday morning here in Virginia !!! I haven’t blogged since Thursday morning . I had my grand-kids here for few days my daughter had tumor in her throat removed. They went back yesterday. This morning im blogging and i need to get down all my fall decorations in my house.¬† I like decorating … But… Christmas stresses me out. I am such a perfectionist lol¬† I will spend hours fluffing my tree and placing each Christmas ornament in its own place . This year our house we bought ( 1940s) we have this beautiful stair case to do with bows and greenery !!¬† let me finish up and post !!! have good Sunday all !!


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Throw Pillow #24
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Neve Legwarmers #14


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I love Caramel Apples !!!

I Love Carmel Apples

If you have been following my blog ( lol ) You know i adore fall¬† weather, season. Mostly i love¬†¬†Caramel Apples !! I know they are fattening the¬†Caramel¬† part. I haven’t had any yet. My RL made me some last year . The candy ones i don’t care for they are so hard you’d crack your tooth !!!¬† ok wont do a book. Have a wonderful Sunday !!


ChicChica  ChicStick # 13  Arcade

Narcisse  Trill Pleated Mini  Kinky Event

Narcisse  Glinda Pentagram Bustier  Salem Event

{Limerence}    Karen hair  Black FAIR

Eudora3D   Ada Heels&Socks  Uber Event

[CAROL G] Feeling РRed Tattoo

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear

Wait One Minute !!

Wait One Minute !

This is one of my most favorites is a¬†Petite Four !! I don’t like sweets to much . A few come to mind like Red Velvet Cake. Brownies !! Pecan pie . Not a lot to blog about today .. I’m still unpacking in real life on the house & have hair appointment after lunch¬† . Have a great day !! ūüôā


chicchica peti

ChicChica  Petit Four Arcade  ( Opens Sept 1)

Seniha Kirena  The Trunk Show

Cae  Sol Collection ( Necklace & Earrings)  Go! by FaMESHed

little bones   Reality UBER

Long Road Trip Worn Out !

Long Road Trip Worn outLong road trips wear me totally out. Last one I had was moving back to Virginia from Florida . 1,000 miles one way. Thank goodness had hotel after the movers left and went half way and had another hotel . RL drove all the way and we had our Cockapoo in back seat . It was experience traveling with our girl for first time ! I think she did fair better than i did lol . No more long trips for me Im told old for this lol

PAPER DOLL’S Yummy top Fatpack hud has white/pink/blue skirt has bow on back of skirt and top is midriff .

Paper doll’s ¬†¬†Yummy top and skirt top Fatpack¬†¬†Marketplace

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little bones. Tachyon

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{what next}  Vintage Suitcases Stack

[meisu] Ikigai glasses Vanity

[MANDALA]  Earrings -Kilimanjaro

KUNGLERS  Rosalia necklace РCrystal   W<3RP

N-core¬†¬† KITTY “Fatpack

<K&S>  Mari. pose

FOXCITY  Selfie VOL4 РPhone