Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde

Monday Morning !! Another week Hope you had great weekend…. Ever have most of your light bulbs go out in your house??!! at same time ? I am married in real life to a retired electrician ( SMH) We are out need to run to store. Its dark in my computer room for sure. Need to get more lighting on desk too. lol

Hope your week and day is a most productive one. !!

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Jumping For Happiness its Fall

Jumping For Happiness its Fall

Yes are you sick of my loving fall yet on my blogs ? !!!  lol …. I just pulled all my 9 boxes out of my attic storage . I have walk in storage upstairs 6 doors in my house ( i live in 1940s house we just bought and re did ) My birthday is 30th anniversary is 31st to my RL

I so love Halloween and fall. Finally finished decorating yesterday in time to do another blog and photo. I have home made cinnamon  and bay leaves and oranges sliced with cloves boiling on stove .. Makes you home smell so good and fresh and if fall had a smell it would be this i make on stove !  Enough yammering of nonsense you all have wonderful Tuesday


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Its That Time Of Year, Pumpkin Coffee Time

It's That Time!! Pumpkin Coffee !!

Im not a fan of Pumpkin Coffee lol !!!! I am fan of hazelnut lol 🙂  I just liked the thought of  it being fall soon and coffee to warm you up. !! In stead of  it being summer lol .

We are approaching hurricane season here . I live on the water the Chesapeake Bay In Virginia . I have moved from Florida back to Virginia recently, To get away from Hurricanes . Now where expecting one on east coast.  So back to my coffee this morning and posting have a wonderful Sunday all 🙂

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****B.D.R.* Ego Heels **** COMING SOON.. 🙂 Not Out Yet !

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