It’s A Beret Kind Of Day!!


Morning . I haven’t been blogging so much lately. Trying to get this Virus thing in check. I have ordered my grocery’s and had it picked up. We are in  staying safe here . Our schools in Virginia are out for while. I have my freezer  stocked and my fridge. Our meds all filled and we have cough medicine i got nose spray and big box of  Tylenol  tissues  .

limited our business customers coming to house just dropping off their orders on porch and calling us . Ok im late by 2 yrs posting !!! Hugs and please stay safe im praying for all of us .. Don’t forget were in this together !!! Hugs

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A Dream Is ( -Points To The Shirt)

A Dream Is

Morning .  Sunday Sunday … Its Super Bowl Sunday .. My team didn’t win enough to get in playoffs. I love football but .. I probably wont watch it . Quick post today .. You all have great day and have fun!!!

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Be Gone Spell… Poof!!

Be gone Spell Poof!!

Morning …. Its hump day again!!!  Middle of week its all down hill now.

Rainy yucky day again… Leaves stuck on car and on our screened in porch .. Blowing leaves. RL is off to his  Last day of chemo for this month !!! 3 more months of chemo to go crossing fingers!! …

After few meetings with some clients here at house. Then to do house work have great day and make most out of it !!!

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Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Good Sunday Morning …. Okay its  non eventful day !!!!! Yesterday i got this wild hair and started digging in my attic doors ( I have 3 doors in my computer room / spare bedroom like dormer doors where  all my holiday decorations are, One has Christmas stuff and one has fall/Halloween / Thanksgiving… other door is my valentines day / Saint Patrick’s & Easter lol its all shewn out on the bed up here !! ( cant let dog get into it .)

I also started decorating my land in second life I used to do it beautifully but lost the will to do landscape but taking my time again ( after 15 yrs you sorta get tired of it or rather i do lol ). Have whats left of a great weekend !! Hugs all !!!



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Ebony Eyes

Ebony Eyes .

Well its Monday Morning . Long weekend with grand kids. I don’t do political stuff on my blog . But these shootings need to stop !!!!  its not from video games some are saying its caucusing its from people that are blind to who and whats going on. Ok im done getting off my soap box.  This is short i have long day today hugs all take care !!!

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Platinum Blonde

Platinum blonde

Monday Morning !! Another week Hope you had great weekend…. Ever have most of your light bulbs go out in your house??!! at same time ? I am married in real life to a retired electrician ( SMH) We are out need to run to store. Its dark in my computer room for sure. Need to get more lighting on desk too. lol

Hope your week and day is a most productive one. !!

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Beach House Vacation

Beach House Vacation

Morning !!!! What a night last night lol !!! Logged off second life. went down stairs to my bedroom.  I had heard noises other night like mice running up in our attic ( we have re done a 1940 house .. restored it beautifully !  The field next door a empty 5 acres or so was finally cut after a year ( hunt club owns it so they don’t care if its cut or not .. I’m feeling they have come to our house for refuge lol . So my real life hubby put traps out .. But last night they or it rather sounded really loud !!!

and then we heard it down our bedroom wall!!! i banged on wall hoping it stop but noooo.. This morning … nothing in traps. Im Thinking its a black snake or maybe possum. uggg ‘Im having company end of month for week and hubby is going out of state for week . Don’t want my cousin that’s flying in to have horrible visit with sounds upstairs in the attic. Our friends here own a pest control business. We will call them if we cant get it . them or what ever it creeps me out for sure lol !! ( Tried to post this yesterday Morning matter of fact twice after 3 views or so in hour or so i said nope and deleted it !! now ill try today have a great Weekend all 🙂

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Hey Morning !!!! Seem by my own schedule im always running late!!  My Mom called this morning . A good friend of ours died of a debilitating disease.. ( My Moms best friend for ages) Now my dad died over yr or so ago . This has taken toll on her. Ok enough sadness  as i got off phone with her i had to order material for our business and i didn’t get the dog out to back yard soon enough … I think my dog ( Pumpkin ) decided the new carpet up stairs in den was a perfect place to do her stuff!!!! No wonder she didnt want to go out side lol !!!  All reasons why things hold us up in mornings huh?? !!! You all have a great Tuesday !!


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Its.. Just A Red Head Thing !

Its Just A Red Head Thing !

Morning every one!! or afternoon or even, Evening !!! Yepp its Hump Day!!! Wednesday .

Hope all is fairing well from the Flickr black out. I’m moving slow at blogging not because of that but.. I haven’t been well lately. But enough of that mess lmao !!!! wow time passes its almost end of May !! On Memorial Day here we couldn’t sit on porch to long but hr or so with nice breeze it got to 100 degrees !!! That’s pretty much insane for this time of year mostly in August .. Not a lot going on in my little life so you got off easy on my blog have a great day all !!!

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