Quarantine With My Best Friend

Quarantine With My Best Friend

Morning . I talked to my mom yesterday .. She told me she was going to go have a drink with my aunt and uncle 2 houses down from her. They will sit 6 feet apart. ( my mom and aunt and uncle are near 80 and are in great health ) My aunt and uncle just came back from Florida they were there for 4 months … They have been back for 2 weeks. I understand they are my moms best friends. But it scares me. My real life says my mom is adult and let her be. My mom is lady that works out at YMCA 3 times week and works at the Library doing the accounting for them. She is also involved with her church and She plays cards once week. ( not any more due to library is closed and The YMCA is closed )

I have read on Facebook my small town has 3 people with the virus ( we live in county of 5,000 people one way in town one way out.  I saw one of the local thrift stores were going to open up ( we aren’t suppose to our business are closed ) ok i vented lol .. Thank you for listening lol hugs all be safe!!!

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Red Poppy

Red Poppy

Morning another day of the virus. I hope you are all are doing well. I am practicing beyond say distancing . I haven’t been out of house for 2 weeks !! Once it started around about getting virus i decided heck no. As you know RL  hubbie finished chemo. I have been vigilant to this !! Hes only allowed to go pick up grocery when we order online and let them bring it to the car!! This will last months . Be safe all hugs !!!

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** If you don’t see me blogging something im wearing . Its either store is no longer around or  a really old product .. or a  friend has made it just for me , Or i dont blog for the store. Thank you !!!

Gingham & Pearls

Gingham & Pearls

Morning .. Up late. Running like mad man to get awake .. Our microwave over stove is out. its a 400.00 2 year old Microwave FGS!!! Hubby is retired electrician he is looking at it after breakfast. Luckily we have Microwave up in our Den here we use for popcorn and grand kids when they vist. So we can use it . We will call our home warranty if he cant fix it. Just pisses me off last night wanted popcorn and had to go up stairs to the den to pop it at 11pm lol . I wanted Pop Corn in bed when i watched a Hallmark movie lol Ok you all have a wonderful Valentines day !! ( I haven’t told RL that yet going to see if he remembers .lol ( he did send his grown daughters candy hes done since they were kids so he should know lol )

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I Want Snow!

I Want Snow!

I would love to see some snow!!! It hasn’t snowed here in my part of Virginia in 3 yrs if you want to count a dusting !! We live on water  the Chesapeake bay its 10 degrees warmer than other areas . I love snow .. Well love it to point i don’t want it bad enough that our little town closes down and it has before.. i have a doctors appointment today i hope my  flare up doesn’t come today so i can ..Yes i’m one of those sickies lmao . Just kidding !!! I have TMJ I Need to get some antibiotics its in flamed. ok have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend !!!

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