I’ll Be Waiting On The Back Porch For You

I'll be Wating On Back Porch For You .

Yay its Tuesday !! My Real life daughter is coming today with my 3 grandchildren for a visit!!  My daughter is amazing woman . She will be 35 on this Friday. She worked for Geico for 15 years and went to college part time and is Married for 13 years . 3 kids are 4 , 11 ,7 She stopped working to finish her college degree. and graduated this past spring and is enrolled for another degree . So finishing up all my blogging ahead of time so i can spend some time with them ( My son in-law travels for his job so is gone a lot. ) Have a wonderful week all i certainly will !!

*B.D.R.* (Beautiful Dirty Rich) No FKs Given King -Shorts-/No FKs Given -Tank Top Marketplace

Exile Adore Bento Event

ELLURE DONA Tassel Earrings  Kustom9

Addams  Fiona Denim Jacket (Fatpack)



Casual Monday

Casual Monday

Busy Monday!!  I move next week 9 more days !!!!! Still few more things to finish on house . We are thinking of moving Monday furniture comes Wednesday .. We have our bed and tv here at my moms staying here while our new house is being remolded by us

Trying to get all caught up in blogging . Thank goodness we have internet already at the house !!  My computer chair and desk are here at my moms to be carried over ( only 2 miles away ) . So busy day 🙂 have a great Monday !!

Narcisse Riri Tuxedo Halter FaMESHed

MINA  Carissa  FaMESHed

Meva  Isa Necklace Dubai

[MANDALA] Cheerful Earring Uber

[MANDALA]  HARAMITA-season2-Bangle

Lazuri Sapphire Ring

Addams Katty Flare Pants

Portrait of a Redhead

Portrait Of RedHead Thank you My 2000 Followers !Yes in Real Life i am a redhead !! Yes its true about redheads we or i am fiery ..

A spitfire !! People think im not talker when they met me. If i don’t know you well i just sit back and let it all sink in and read you and try to figure you ou. If i know you i yammer for hrs lol .  I am a true blue friend. If you tell me your secrets i will keep it with me till i die. But you  if  humiliate me or talk crap about me then all is off table and i take the gloves off. I am a giver and have a big heart. Id give you my last 10 cents if you needed it … As i’ve gotten older in life i have learned not to put my heart or friendship out there till i see what im looking for in a person . Trust is earned not given. I love my red hair in rl life .. Still no gray hair!! ( At 58 neener neener lol ) My brother, daughter and Son and my grand-kids are redheads . My mom and dad have brown hair. It skipped few generations . People wanted to know was i adopted when i was little.. My mom said the same milk man followed her from state to state.. ( old joke)

CATWA  – Catya Head

{Limerence}   Emma hair

~Empyrean Forge~ Ah-Kin Collar SILVER

Addams Isabella Boho Shirt

oOo Studio Winterview Vignette pose


Frozen In Time

Frozen In Time2

Don’t we all wish we could freeze time ? Maybe go back to our younger self and tap our  self on shoulder and whisper .. Don’t do this ( fill in blank) or your need or should do this ( fill in the blank) But sadly, It would change the future and as much as it would be wonderful ..  Things are to happen naturally.

This outfit by Addams is business casual on bottom with pinstriped pants and sexy camisole girly on the top both met a even great look !! For these pants I used the Fatpack stripes.

Addams  Muriel Suit Pants  &   Muriel Suit Body

Exile Strawberry Wine

VIBES TripBangle



^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear