Dreamers… Dream

Dreamers DreamI am a dreamer, are you ? .. Who doesn’t ever just sit at their desk at work or at home, Maybe in car as a passenger, zoned out and day dream about certain things. You are so deeply engrossed in thought. The sound of the radio or some one talking to you, You gradually come back to earth, I call it my safe place to go when things get to me when im super stressed out . My Dreamer safe haven.


White Widow  Psycho

Exile The Idea of Her blush Event

neve   overall  TRES CHIC Venue


Bumming Around Town

Sunny Day Bumming AroundOn a Bright day you can see all sorts of colors !

Bumming around town in casual outfit and comfy sneakers not dressed up today. Messy gel hair, with a hint of  minimal  makeup. Being your self ! Having the  attitude of  i don’t care if i run into anyone this weekend .This is  how a self assured woman should be in this ensemble . Having a blast in the sun shopping and being comfortable.


tram H0219  Uber

BONOBO by Sallie  Today’s Light Coat Uber


:::ChicChica::: Minerale Cosmopolitan

Vinyl Winehouse Tartan Skinnys Uber

Redgrave   Sunglasses Maddison  MarketPlace

^^Swallow^^  Pyramid Ear


What Do I do, Now That Your Gone?

What do i do now your gone

I have returned from being gone from Secondlife for Five months.

My secondlife husband Lars Convair, had been sick for long time He passed away on January 24 2018 .. A bit of quick history between us. I met this man when he was DJing at club Big Daddy’s .. I was his host for years. One day we finally had a date!  I always knew I had feelings for him for years! He said he had come to Secondlife to find me. (insert a awww lol ) Our six year marriage relationship was wonderful one. It was also a great friendship that carried over into real life . We were on each others real life Facebook.  We had gone threw, Deaths, Grand kids, Real life Marriages, Children getting married, Mother boards crashing, new computers . Isp going out . Snow storms, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, Moving, new houses, surgeries, Doctors visits ect..

He called me 3 days before he died from ICU I knew he had texted me earlier that that he was in hospital .. He didn’t die from his cancer or Multiple sclerosis he had died from pneumonia.  I read his real life daughters post she tagged him and landed on my real life face book. What a total shock but i knew it was coming . Sitting in bed that night watching  tv i woke up my real and told him ( I had just gotten remarried in real life two years ago ) Lars Knew and was supportive and My real life knew about Lars .. Our love and past and his declining health.

 I logged back into second life to tell people about Lars  i haven’t been online in long time. I might like to go back to blogging again but .. I deleted my second life Facebook ( I thought it would be easier to walk away from second-life. ) I stand in Second life and just stand and stare and wonder after six years what do i do now?

Le Poppycock Heartbreak Rose Chapter Four

Beusy Cream Hairstyle  Uber

Real Evil   Cora Necklace

ISON  peggy turtleneck dress Uber

=Zenith= =Zenith=Dolly Platforms


Mother Of The Bride

Mother Of The Bride
Being Mother of the bride with my experience. My Daughter got married years ago. I wasn’t prepared how important it was being the “Mother Of The Bride” I thought id fade into the background it is my daughters day in limelight. I bit my tongue a lot at her decisions .. I never ruled her decisions ,Only when it came to cost. But finding my dress was important to me and my daughter as well to find right one. I wouldn’t of upstaged my daughter. to any thing that wasn’t appropriate and elegant. This dress reminds me how i felt on that day .. 9 yrs ago proud “Mother Of The Bride”

Cora comes in two parts, The Gown and Pearl Strands
Cora is being sold exclusively at the new Pale Girl Production Event, the Trunk Show which is a themed event specifically for Weddings and starts on the Aug19th
Single colors come with a HUD that allows you to change the Pearl strands to one of 3 colors, Ivory, Black or Silver. There is a fat pack just for the Pearl Strands that will allow someone who simply wants to purchase a single color dress, to enable them to purchase ALL the Pearl colors if they so desire.

Narcisse Cora Gown The Trunk Show

D!va”  Alyssa

Lazuri   Lazuri Heritage Pearl Bracelet -Lazuri Heritage Pearl Choker

MMC Charlotte Bento Gloves

Ariskea   [ Blossom] Cherry Blossom Wreath [ Soft ] [Little Pensee] Poenies Gift Box

Apple Fall  Clifton Cast Iron Fireplace

Persefona Charlotte Veil

Lapointe & BastChild Designs  Evocative Floral “Rose” Pink Wrist Corsage

oOo Studio Toasty




New Twist & Turns

New Twist & Turns
New twist and turns.. My real life has been on hold for about a year .. Due to health issue.Doctors and specialist and many test have yet to pinpoint my illness One has come close. We moved from Virginia to Florida to have fun in sun. Sadly i gotten sick but we have decided to sell our beautiful home here and move back to Virginia odd thing is some of my symptoms have dissipated ( crossing fingers) When your missing your children, grand kids, and parents and live 1,000 miles away you can become so sad . so as of today were putting up our home and ( bought low sell high) and go back home to find us a new house and stay put !

KENDRASY CREATIONS   Amelie Bow Top  • Hud with 40 Colors Marketplace

^^Swallow^^  Handbag Killer Bag

UTOPIA@Design “IRIS Cosmopolitan Events

SAYO SCENES  Rooftop Social Backdrop – COMMON

Nanika Gaia tattoo


AsteroidBox   Leg Holster // Blue  The Gacha Garden

N-Uno  Lana Skirt // N 2 TRES CHIC

Moon Messenger





Shes Got Legs !!

Shes Got LegsThese Sexy Stiletto Heels by Avie Barbara Heels come in a array of colors to please any palette you will be standing wondering which one do i pick or just pick !!


Avie  Barbara Heels  Prismagica Event

taketomi  CLIQUE

villena –  Laced Up Denim Top & Split Denim Shorts   kustom9

Astralia Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo Necklace

^^Swallow^^  Pyrmid ear & Aphrodite Bento Rings

BellePoses   Heart Rug Prismagica Event

ninety  doll house backdrop pink

AsteroidBox  Yeoleum Eumlyo // Blue

Black Bantam  My Pretty Kitty Cat Static Decor Mesh blush event

[ zerkalo ]  Be My Valentine – Rug

Vagabond  Neon Signage (Wet Dreams)  Blush Event

+Half-Deer+ Donut Decadence – Tower – Choco Ombre

Bueno Headset

What Next Isabelle Nail Polish Decor




Purple Haze

Purple haze
:::KC::: Bellia Shorts ★Includes: • Hud with 20 Colors for Short & Belt • Maitreya//Belleza All Bodys// Slink & Hourglass

Kendrasy Creations  Bellia Shorts Marketplace

ninety    ( With Balloons) Spring Parking Backdrop

Exile Sugar High Blush Event

MishMish Bear Cookie Mouthie / Blue Blush Event

Sari – Hot Day Tank Tops (Pink) Blush Event

Vagabond   Neon Signage (Sweet Thing) Blush Event

Letis Tattoo : Sati

ChicChica  Fifie Pink

+Half-Deer+  Rose Petals – Pink –   Flower Stringlights

Kirin Pose -Cheerleader Jump

^^Swallow^^ Pyrmid ear






Baby One More Time

Baby One More Time
This outfit sorta reminds me of 90’s  Britney Spears Song Hit Me Baby  One More Time.

This skirt by Narcisse is Sidd Kilt with pleats comes in a array of colors and textures !! hud with panties on or off its at the Rewind Event

Narcisse Sidd Kilt  Rewind Event

Doe  Punk Queen  Rewind Event

:V.e.  Nina Tie N Tank Black Plaid  Rewind Event 

Swallow  Pyramid Ears

Zenith  Dolly Platforms

[Kres]  Cheeky Neons – 14 Ride It Fetish Fair

oOo Studio   seductress

SAYO SCENES   Wright Staircase Backdrop – COMMON






I’ll Wait For You

I'll Wait For You
Have you ever been joking with a friend .. ( I know this is sorta creepy ) If i go first ill wait for you at the gates !!! ( Knowing good and well it was the booze talking or late night joke !) Some times we have these odd conversations and sometimes that’s all it is…

These {Avie} Whip Thigh High Boots comes in 8 different colors and on side is a whip on the ankle to add that touch of fetish your looking for  !

{Avie} Whip Thigh High Boots Fetish Fair

*LODE*  Crocus Crown


Stealthic   Sensual  COLLABOR88

Blueberry  BerryDoll

[CAROL G]  Vintage Flowers – Tattoo

GizzA   Vintage Wedding / Garden Gate

Compulsion  Absolom Roche Chair

{anc}   garden. tea
miniature/H. mannequin

oOo Studio  Pretty Pose


Pre-Party Worn Out !

Pre-Party- Worn outDon’t we all get all hyped up to the thrill of a Party/Gathering and Preparing!  “The Pre-Party excitement is as much fun as the actual thing. By the time the party time comes near were all totally worn out from all the preparation and you just want to have drink and lay down and crash lol

KC::: Selina Bikini• Hud with 40 Colors // Multiples combinations • Maitreya//Belleza All Bodys// Slink & Hourglass

Kendrasy Creations –  Selina Bikini  Marketplace

TRUTH  Rumor

^^Swallow^^ Pyramid Ear

Nanika Megan tattoo White

Le Poppycock Laid back

Tiki-Tattoo  Tropica beer cooler box

Sway’s [Sandia] Beach Bag

{what next}  Retro Radio – Pink

Aphrodite  Mojito ( Bottle)