Cancer Sucks!!


We have found out my sweet hubbies cancer came back and he has brain cancer and his Mantel cell non Hodgkin  lymphoma  came back double whammy!!! Today one of his daughters came today i do feel for them . They have only seen him like 3 times in 6 yrs they do talk by phone . He married me almost 5 yrs ago they were ok with me being his girlfriend only . He and his wife divorced after many years of marriage . I met him 8 yrs after his divorce. Well one came today and i asked her could she stay with him for 20 minutes while i went to get gas for my suv for tomorrow..  My mom comes to watch my hubbie and i go to town to get few things done . I came back and she was bringing him inside from our work shop!! he was out in 92 degree weather and he cant walk alone with out walker now and he was sweating and our steps  on deck don’t have rail!! I said why ??? She said he wanted to go out . I told  her he could fell down .. She said she call 911 if she called 911 and not hospice . Then hospice will be null and void with us. Hes not allowed outside due to his stability this woman is 42 yrs old shes no kid !!! could of waited for me to return back .. I was only gone under 20 minutes !!!

Sigh !!! I never leave him alone  with her . I’m with him 24/7 im beyond tired mentally . She brought her grown kids ( which im glad i like them) but ..brought 3 min pins

( miniature pinchers  )Leave damn dogs home its only 2 hr trip here . One daughter brought he huge dog too  ( 2 days ago ) i told them to leave them on porch . I do have a dog i do put up when people come as courtesy . Ok im ranting and raving hugs all remember to love each other  Time is preciousness

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