Window Shopping.

Window Shopping

Morning all its 6:30am i am posting before i take Hubby for MRI of the brain.  We have this is what oncologist has ordered all these test due to she thinks cancer hasn’t come, back

Cant figure out how or why hes not eating. I am the food pusher!! I only got 200 calories out of him yesterday its so frustrating rating seeing him this way . I am also his pill pusher tha’ts a chore to get him to take his meds but i do . I used to be Nurse asst when i met him years ago .  I didn’t think id be doing this with this man that was extremely healthy and strong . Let me post this  im getting my mom to come so she can drop us at door and i can get him inside ( which is closer to the door ) hugs all make your day the most of it as you can and love your love ones .

NERIDOvanessa Dress Marketplace

DOUX Eleni Hairstyle

ChicChica Passion fruit popsicle SL17B soon

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