As A Women We All Try To Be Superwoman

As A Women We All Try To Be Superwoman

Morning its about 9:30 am  I am super tired. Yesterday i took RL to our  Doctor about hr away i don’t do well driving in pouring down hard rain but i did it . He hasn’t lost any weight but not gained any weight. His blood pressure and oxygen level is good .

They have ordered a prescription for him eating . It will give urge to eat . Its 300.00 he is on medicare hes over 65 and retired but the pharmacy doesn’t let us use a coupon from offline . hes so worth it !!! I’m praying it will work . Hes drinking plenty of water . Our doctor say he can eat plenty of carbs !! I wish i could I wish could give him some of my weight lol . jk He had Pet scan yesterday too . ( long ass day ) Nothing today and i can get house in order and post.

Thursday is a MRI of the brain to see if its any thing else. If all is clear then it  was late delay in the chemo making him lose weight but it shouldn’t be . He doesn’t want to eat hes afraid he will get sick . Ok not most cheerful Post but its what im living with .. Its called life after cancer with your RL . Hugs all and remember enjoy your rl to fullest

NANIKA Nona Body Suit FaMESHed X

Carol G Amore TaTToo Black

Doux Rain Hairstyle  LEVEL Event

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