Counting The Things I Need To Do

Counting The Things I Need To Do

Hello all .. My Real life came home from Hospital On Friday. Its been long and frustrating few days. I am tired and with no sleep. Hes eating a little not much . Thank goodness his voice isn’t weak any more. We sat out on our screened in Porch with our dog yesterday before sun came to that side of house . I bought new porch blinds and he cant put them up now. My husbands Niece came by with peach cobbler for his Birthday today .

I didn’t invite her in due to hes so weak and was sleeping. Yes we both wore masks! Hubbie has 2 doctors appointments tomorrow, Our regular doctors in Morning and he has Pet Scan at 2pm and MRI on  Thursday and Wednesday home nurse is coming . Whew!!!

I know most of you are thinking why is she even on SL still . I park about 70% of the day I have about 3 friends i talk to once in blue moon  on SL most have left game and i try not to bother the rest due to they play “the game ” more than i do i just blog that’s it and IM once and while.  . between me about closing down our home business now due to RL not being able to work . While hes sleeping and watching tv a little i do my photos i need to leave few sponsors im sure. …Ok i need to post this and post in FLICKR . You all make the most out of life .. Even were going threw a pandemic .. Hugs and love each other never know when you time will be limited …

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