Quarantine Glam

Quarantine Glam

Good Morning . Nothing much to talk about . Hubbie is doing well after his surgery !! We have been super busy with our home business . Its boat season!!! our busiest time . My son calls my hubby a Machine lol  Due to he had part of his ear taken off from cancer and worked in our shop we have out back  ( we have big building that kind you buy already done they bring it in on huge trailer and back it in our yard . ( its like a wood cabin type of garage we put in Ac and heat in it ) He spent 11 hrs yesterday working on boat cushions for big boat for my doctor and her hubbie  . They want it for Sunday and monday to take their kids out on it . We practice safe distance with them .Im off to post this blog and then to flicker take care and be safe you all !!!

#MG Zipper – Necklace TRES CHIC Event

Nerido Asti Top collabor88

PUMEC Hali Gali ( Ears)

TRUTH – Destiny

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