After Long Walk Ice Cream!

After Long Walk Ice Cream!

Its Saturday !! it might as well be Monday huh?!! Every day running into same day isn’t it? I’m worried about my mom she hasn’t felt well lately but she said shes feeling better .

Since i’m not going to her home, She lives 5 miles away . Down the lane she lives on my Cousin and his wife live on it and my aunt and uncle and my other Cousin!! mom is at end with a water view ( on The bay) My grand parents had all this land and my parents retired there after retiring from teaching in school system. ) She is alone rest of them go to work and she will talk to my aunt daily out side on deck they are 6 feet away. She sound like in funk. I call every day since March to check on her. Shes doing social distancing . My mom played cards on Thurs for 5 hrs with her friend at the club down street and have lunch and shes in choir and works out daily at gym. ( so she is climbing walls i think) Ok guys im heading to post. Remember I do this blog when i write for my own outlet. if Punctuation spelling and run on sentences Then go around it  lol

Dark Fire  Misha    Market Place

ChicChica Bubble Waffles equal10

DOUX Bianca

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