By The Bay

By The Bay

Morning all . I feel since the virus has come . I have became a hunter lol . I cant get out of house  with Virus due to you know story .. Hubbie has just gone threw surgery’s and chemo for his 3 cancers. I order weekly or twice week we drive to local grocery store for it . We used to have 2 grocery stores ( Mom and Pop one which they sold out. ) We have a major one Food Lion we order on line from , Then we do a pick-up.

Few things they are not stocking lately . My coffee creamer they told us they are out of . I found 6 online from amazon got them other day.!! SCORE!! I had ordered toilet paper and it got here ( OMG Its like sand paper ugg!!!! Angel Soft its called pfttt not !!! ) reminds me of school toilet paper lol.

I did finally order Charmin and  Bounty Paper towels !!!! SCORE!!! Paper towels will be here Monday i got big bundle .. Now you know why i feel like hunter lol

You all be good and stay super safe hugs!!!

Kaithleen’s Denim Corset Uber

Blueberry Candy Set – Jacket

Doux Eleni Hairstyle

shanghai Anita White Necklace

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