Morning ill make this short . ( haha ok ill try lol ) Slept in till almost 9am !!! Im up normally early. If you read my blog . You know i have said, My proof reading and punctuation sucks . I do own it lol I’m in hurry sometimes to get it blogged and before virus our home business was booming and super busy . We still are busy but slow.

I’ts good though due to hubbie has 3 different types of cancer. ( he had a 4th and was taken care of 4 yrs ago.) Sometimes i do get depressed and no one to talk to.  My dear friend in rl died almost 2 yrs ago. My dad died in December  3 yrs in December

My Second life hubbie of 6 yrs died month after my dad. My mom lives 5 miles down road not seen her in months now ( from virus) .  I Keep my circles small in Second life.  ( My dear friend of  6 yrs in second life ) She has lots of rl things and only logs in from time to time.

Id look for new friends in SL but blogging takes over my time  & RL . My friend when she logs in doesn’t understand im blogging she doesn’t blog. ok see i said id do this short .

I lied lol !! Ok have good Thursday and be safe!!

Seniha Mazikeen  FaMESHed

amias ANETT necklace 1 gold & amias – ANETT necklace 2 gold   cosmopolitan


DOUX    Yuka Hairstyle

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