Strolling In My Dreams,When World Was Normal..

Strolling In My Dreams When World Was Normal

Morning all . Another day … Monday .. I did finally went to website to see where our stimulus check is  it says its coming May 8 .. ( We pay taxes mostly we dont any back lol so is why i had to go to the website to see where it was. ( long story in US if you make under 150k as couple you get from government $1.200 if you have kids extra per kid. ( I i have grown kids and grand kids ) we get total of 2.400 I have mine spent in my mind lol . We are going to re do dinning room floor ( we have 90 yr old farm house) We renovated whole thing 2 yrs ago.

Dinning room we buffed down and stained it ( Hubby said wood was soft cheap old wood look good but its got dings in it . ) going to do tongue and grove fake wood lol !!!

I’m also getting new comforter for our king size bed . I spent $300.00 5 yrs ago on one we have with pillows . WHITE IS NO NO  lol  i got white with designs . Beautiful .. Before the dog and we sitting in bed in mornings drinking coffee watching News lol I wash it weekly ( its more of a farm house type quilt) This time it will be from same place and dark color lol !!! Hubby can do our floors so will save us money . so i told hubbie ill give him 400 of mine towards bills lmao!! he can use his towards any thing he wants !!

Knowing him he has every thing . When i met him he is older than i am so he has every tool and every gadget they make .. His air compressor to his power washer. to and has newest grill and we have smoker and giant crab pot to cook crabs. Ok im rambling

Hugs all and be safe !!!

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