Morning its a great day lol .. I’m laughing due to my Daughter sent us Paper towels and  toilet paper. You know by reading here ( my blog ) we have one grocery store here . Hubbie has cancer ( 3 Types) and we order our groceries from our local store and pick them up . (not in store they come out ) They have had napkins and tissues only ( if even that at times .. Friends cant find them either. Daughter sent 11 rolls!!! 2 rolls of paper towels. The order i did to Walmart didnt come in 😦  .. I got email last night the 12 pack of  toilet paper  is arriving by Sunday it says i say more like Monday !!! im so excited lol .. funny how small things now are most important. You all have a most wonderful day with you shut in families and we will get threw this hugs !!!

Seniha Caroline Set Uber

Aurealis Unproblematic Chain [Thick Chain] UBER

DOUX Lulu Hairstyle UBER


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