Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Morning all !!! guess what ? My mom drove and put on my porch new night gown she ordered for me and some of her magazines and drum roll…. TOILET PAPER !! one roll but that’s is one more we didn’t have . I haven’t seen my mom in Months !!! I couldn’t hug her i saw her threw screened in porch door. I was crying i couldn’t hug my mom . Im  60  yrs old and i can hug my mommy lol . I gave her dozen eggs ( i had 18 eggs and that dozen already ) Hubbie had surgery recently ..and the doctor handed him big box of gloves and we gave my mom some. Hubbie has 3 kind of cancers He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago 1.Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia  2.Squamous Cell Carcinoma 3. Melonnomia if that isnt enough right?

The Squamous Cell Carcinoma  he had taken off in Doctors office last week . He has met with the team for Megalomania  one Doctor last week and one this friday they will team up for getting the Melonnomia  off top of his ear. He had cancer previously 5 yrs ago rebuilt a new ear. ( SIGH) We have only been married not 5 yrs yet. Feels like 15 yrs lol

People tell us ( friends ) your so lucky you have had bought 3 houses in 5 yrs .

Our passion is redoing houses ( we don’t flip we re design them and love them !!! Then we moved when it wore us out . ) Then we sold the other due to my dad was ill and moved back home. . Now hubbie has about 100k in doctors bills .  He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago I don’t want pitty this is just me blogging to get it off my mind aren’t you lucky ones get to read it .. ( if any one does lol)  ok please love your loved ones your quarantined with and keep in touch with your friends and family hugs all !!

DarkFire Jade skirt  Market Place

vagrant  Chloe Top   kustom9

MarmeladnyGirl Iron lady – Necklace Cosmopolitan Events

DOUX Rehab  equal10

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