In The Blue

In The Blue

Morning .. I guess most of us now have to check the computer or our phone to figure out what day it is lol . Its like Movie Ground Hog Day . Over and Over… I haven’t seen my mom since January even though we live 4  miles down road . My brother and i weren’t on speaking terms ( long story or you may of read my blog while back why) Short story he moved in .. Now he has a Job working for fortune 500 company 50 miles from here . Hes still commuting hoping he will move i have talked to him . Were on speaking terms.

Back to mom. We are on lock down in Virginia it happened  in March. Now he will be moving out and i still cant see her due to this virus . Shes doing well shes out on her deck ( she lives on water on the bay beautiful views !!) and shes pruning her roses and her shrubs and doing well .. She has 3,000 sq house and is cleaning ( for no company lol )

She misses the gym and her card club on fridays and friends an going shopping with my aunt. I call her once a day . !!! You all have wonderful Sunday and stay safe !!

Nerido Lika Shirt & Bra FaMESHed

DOUX Yuka Hairstyle


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