Just Let Your Hair Down

Just Let Your Hair Down

Good Morning .. I wish i had something witty to talk about .. Seems i’m more boring than usual lol!! My mom did go to grocery store against my best wishes … My aunt is retired school teacher that was head of home economics in county . She is great seamstress and made masks by the CDC guide lines for people here mom wore one and coat and gloves went to grocery store @ 7am to 8am for people over 60 .. She saw her friends there ( small town remember ) she nodded her head . she said and she felt like she was on a tv show how much can you get in cart by certain time .

I ordered last week and out of 100.00 dollar order i got 20.00 worth lol .  My mom told me there wasn’t any toilet  paper in the store and didn’t know when they get anymore . ( only one grocery store in our small town. )  No napkins or tissues paper towels or toilet  paper . i have 8 double rolls left !! We have drive threw pharmacy thank god !! I got my pills from Walmart moved  to here . I will be ordering food every day online to get what we are short of . ( due to im not going in store to find out what has gotten on the truck.  Hubbie has just had chemo he or i shouldn’t be in a store. ok all you keep safe and we will all come out of this … Hugs all !!!

The Annex Sveta Top Marketplace

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