Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Red lips ..Ice Cream Will Go To My Hips !

Good Morning all its almost 9am Est . I’m up and doing laundry  ( did 2 loads of clothes and 2 of towels) All stacked up on my dryer i’m to lazy to put them away lol !! ( This is time i miss having teens to do my dirty work . They are all grown now and one has teen of her own . )

Hubbie has another appointment with one of his Doctors to remove his cancer off his ear  ( one of other team member’s) Over hour away from here. Hoping you staying safe.

Our state wont open until June. We are steadily going up hill … not flattening . I’m glad were not going back yet . These other places are open for movie theaters and gyms and nails and hair . I love my gel nails but those days are gone i wont get them done for long long time now. They look horrible but oh well. My hair is sort now so it can grow to point i don’t care put it in hair tie. I have no gray hair so that’s a plus lol .. I Just will miss my highlights . With having rl spouse with cancer you don’t chance things. Ok all you stay safe I’m off to post this ..

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Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Ruffles Can Be Classy!

Morning . Ground Hog Day 100000 lol … Nothing to blog about mostly no news lol

I did have hubbie go to my moms and get Paper towels out of her garage ( the good ones Bounty !!) We try to order them from our grocery store they are out of any paper products here . Grocery store says they are hardly getting any at all. My moms garage is double garage and she before virus she went to Costco and stocked up for few months at time ( don’t forge nearest Costco is over hour away. We have one grocery store here .

Small place nearest Walmart is 25 min away. So we are in her stash !! of Toilet   paper and her paper towels lol . ( shes even going to be out soon ) . Ok im running late this morning posting on flickr you all stay safe and take care hugs !!!

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Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Its A Hot Pink Kinda Day!!

Morning all !!! guess what ? My mom drove and put on my porch new night gown she ordered for me and some of her magazines and drum roll…. TOILET PAPER !! one roll but that’s is one more we didn’t have . I haven’t seen my mom in Months !!! I couldn’t hug her i saw her threw screened in porch door. I was crying i couldn’t hug my mom . Im  60  yrs old and i can hug my mommy lol . I gave her dozen eggs ( i had 18 eggs and that dozen already ) Hubbie had surgery recently ..and the doctor handed him big box of gloves and we gave my mom some. Hubbie has 3 kind of cancers He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago 1.Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymophanomia  2.Squamous Cell Carcinoma 3. Melonnomia if that isnt enough right?

The Squamous Cell Carcinoma  he had taken off in Doctors office last week . He has met with the team for Megalomania  one Doctor last week and one this friday they will team up for getting the Melonnomia  off top of his ear. He had cancer previously 5 yrs ago rebuilt a new ear. ( SIGH) We have only been married not 5 yrs yet. Feels like 15 yrs lol

People tell us ( friends ) your so lucky you have had bought 3 houses in 5 yrs .

Our passion is redoing houses ( we don’t flip we re design them and love them !!! Then we moved when it wore us out . ) Then we sold the other due to my dad was ill and moved back home. . Now hubbie has about 100k in doctors bills .  He has finished his chemo for one of cancers 2 months ago I don’t want pitty this is just me blogging to get it off my mind aren’t you lucky ones get to read it .. ( if any one does lol)  ok please love your loved ones your quarantined with and keep in touch with your friends and family hugs all !!

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Sunny !

SunnyMorning .. Well its Ground Hog Day!!  I am so glad my Governor hasn’t opened Virginia  he as well is retired Doctor . !!! We are closed till June . There is no cure or vaccine for The virus. ( Yet)

These Governor’s  opening up when the number are soaring are crazy. I feel sorry for the people that live there . I live in small town of 5000 and our numbers in our state are going up and not down . we are 12th largest state  in Population. I know this is sad time

Lets just hope the scientist out there are working hard. Our Nurses Doctors Hospital workers Policemen Grocery store workers and front line workers are heroes in my book. You all be safe please In where ever you live in what ever country you live . Hugs!!

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In The Blue

In The Blue

Morning .. I guess most of us now have to check the computer or our phone to figure out what day it is lol . Its like Movie Ground Hog Day . Over and Over… I haven’t seen my mom since January even though we live 4  miles down road . My brother and i weren’t on speaking terms ( long story or you may of read my blog while back why) Short story he moved in .. Now he has a Job working for fortune 500 company 50 miles from here . Hes still commuting hoping he will move i have talked to him . Were on speaking terms.

Back to mom. We are on lock down in Virginia it happened  in March. Now he will be moving out and i still cant see her due to this virus . Shes doing well shes out on her deck ( she lives on water on the bay beautiful views !!) and shes pruning her roses and her shrubs and doing well .. She has 3,000 sq house and is cleaning ( for no company lol )

She misses the gym and her card club on fridays and friends an going shopping with my aunt. I call her once a day . !!! You all have wonderful Sunday and stay safe !!

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Tea Time

Tea Time

Morning .. I am dragging lol.. Stayed up later then dog started barking . ( god knows what it was ) We live way out in country and im sure it was either deer or wild turkey or another animal she heard lol  We live on almost 2 acres on our adorable farm house .

I Let her out ( we have some of our acreage privacy fenced off for us ) i had to bribe her in with bone lol. Im so happy i ordered her bones from amazon due to the grocery store online now is out of them .  My hubbie ( RL) is going to doctor to take some more cancer growths off about hr away. ( Im not going due to they wont let me in office due to virus)  its  a local hes awake . Ok im hoping you are doing well . Our state is locked down we are until end of May ! ( or maybe longer our peak is now just beginning to come )

Be safe all hugs take care !!!

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Spring Comes In All Forms

Spring Comes In All Forms

Morning i hope  you all are all safe and doing well . We are doing well here . I’ve had to cut my gel nails shorter !! I got them done in March and i have no idea when i will be sitting close to some one like that again and them holding my hand doing my nails.

My hair was cut before all this but my highlights i was suppose to get few weeks ago didn’t get done due to virus . I have red hair no gray yay me lol !!!  but i have high lights put into it due to my red hair ( ginger dark auburn how every you want to say it , Went darker as i got past 50 ! ) alrighty my jabbering time is about up . Again stay safe don’t go out unless you must !! Hugs keep the faith!!

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I Just Opened The Bar. Come On Over!

I Just Opend The Bar. Come On Over

Morning . I know most of us are under Tornado watch or sightings . Bad weather here ,

Praying for the loss & damage of Alabama. Here we are under Tornado watch and we are locked down here in Virginia from virus. My rl husband is heading to doctors office to have piece off his ear taken off .. He has Melanoma  He has just finished chemo from mantel cell non Hodgkin lymphoma …This isn’t our first or second scare of Cancer .

He had cancer cut out of his whole ear and had replaced his ear.

I’m sitting here with shoes on lol . You like i dont get it . I am barefoot a lot around house i have prepared for Tornado . Our walk in closet has flash light phone charger ( one with out electric) pillows blankets . You all be safe hugs !!!

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Morning .. I hope we All are doing well. I worry about This damn virus all time. I try not to . I work from home It keep my mind busy !! . We have home business believe me we are still busy. We are are a seasonal business.  Our business is Boat Canvas work.

Vinyl seating for boat seats every type of boat. T- Tops for boats. Covers for boats ( which have zippers) We do awnings for business and porches . Rv seating . We are only one around until 45 miles . We live on Chesapeake Bay this is a Boat town for sure !! Our business picks up in End of March ..

We have been busy !! You can go boating even though were on lock down .. If its just your self in bay !! .. We have them drop off items in front of our  our fence to our business out back. and we put it back there again once its done . If  we work on a boat hands on .. its docked with out any one around . Ok ive gone on and on . Take care be safe !! Hugs

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