Yes , I Am Wearing Big Flower!


Morning all . I am having slight cough .. i know its from nasal drip from my allergies from spring coming . My mind is playing games with me .. Told Hubbie we need plan if one of us gets the virus and one sleeps upstairs and other stays in our bedroom down stairs. (lap top is up here in guest room/office. I know we all want this over with .

I do a lot of praying for all of you in the world and my family & friends. keep in touch with your rl families and friends ..This makes you wake up and realize a lot of things aren’t as important as it used to be .. You know. I park a lot .. My friendships in sl aren’t what they used to be any more . My partner in sl died 2 yrs ago from his long term illness i truly miss him now . ( He was my best friend in the world) lol im trailing off like blabbing idoit!! BE SAFE PLEASE HUGS!!!!!


Nerido Abigail Shorts Bloom

Nerido Luisa Top

DOUX Malori Hairstyle

KUNGLERS Rosa necklace Bloom

LODE Head Accessory – Victoria [mistery] Shiny Shabby


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