Daisy Gal

Daisy Gal

Morning!! Here again We are either practicing safe distance or in Lock down. I want our state Virginia to do lock down . We have small rural town here. 5,000 people nearest hospital is 25 minutes  one doctor in town and she goes back and forth between towns.

Hubbie went for grocery pick up we had ordered. ( still no clothing detergent) Im running low but i have dawn dish liquid and hand soap to do it in if i have too.

Hubby had mask and gloves on ( mask from his cancer days) we left paper bags on the porch and used gloves to unpack ( paper bags can have virus on it for 24 hrs if so they have been saying ) My hands are rough from washing all time.

Hubbie is going down to the docks ( we do boat canvas for tops of boats and cushions )

I told him to be careful gloves and mask long sleeves to measure  .. People i guess are hoping they can go out on their boats to fish and sit alone out in the bay to get some out of the house time.  Stay safe all … We are in this all together … Hugs !!!

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