Be Strong !!

Be Strong !!

Morning .. How are You all doing this morning ??!! I know its hard to have every one home in house .. or to be alone … Thank goodness we have internet. Second life.

I haven taken longer to do photos and post. I get distracted worrying about my grown kids and my mom . My daughter called me and said her fridge broke. She called her landlord and they had warranty company come out . Shes working from home living ( she is mgr in big insurance company )  in city suburbs in Town house . Her husband in on road during weekly .. She is stuck with 1 dog and 2 cats and my 3 grand kids.!!

1 Grandson 10 and 2 grand daughters .. One is 13 and my youngest she is 5 .. My daughter is a saint !!! My son and his wife work from Geico. ( daughter in law is 2 yrs out having leukemia !! They just built a new house and are going to enjoy working from home lol  ( no grand kids from them yet) Just grand dog lol !! called louie … My mom is home with my brother . I finally talked to my brother.  ( He is alcoholic) I said you need to go to AA

He is going there i didn’t know .i know who his sponsor is .. long story i am talking to him keeping my guard up .  Hubbie did go back to doctor for other cancer he has on his ear basil cell carcinoma ( sigh) after 6 rounds of chemo for his non mantel cell Hodgkin lymphoma omg i just re read this … YIKES !! If my family can make it threw this we are golden !!! Hugs all keep in touch with your loved ones . Call them skype them email text call them . We are in troubled times it effects whole world . Peace be safe

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DOUX Eleni Hairstyle


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