Pure White

Pure White

Morning my Virus fighters !!  How are you all handling this ?! I am doing ok until last night im a news watcher. I think i had my first panic attack .. I have always had stuffy nose this time of year all is blooming at my house .. Apple blossoms/ Dog wood trees / daffodils .. Ect. I got my nose spray out and finally i could breathe!! calmed down an relaxed and turned channel to watch friends and golden girls !! needed to fall asleep

We can get threw this . I have ordered  groceries other day !! It took me long time to log into my grocery store  app . I live in small town of 3,000 to 4,000 we used to have 2 grocery stores now we have one Major one . Thank goodness Food lion will do a online . My husband finished his last chemo. We have our home business  in our back yard ( building) which im glad we don’t come in contact with any one. We have drop box for repairs to canvas and we get calls and when were finished we put it in drop box.

Our microwave over oven broke we had repair guy ( warranty) here last week Hubby stood in dinning room he was in kitchen they didn’t shake hands.. We bleached it all down with gloves after he left . ( hubby had mask on ) We decided to call them told them don’t come back to fix it ( they got the part) until all this is done and over with ) We have a microwave from our den we use for grand kids for popcorn so we use that one now lol !!

Ok all be safe Hugs !!!

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Doux Esther Hairstyle equal10

LODE *LODE* Head Accessory – Tea Rose Crown [white] RARE


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