Morning .. Im so totally excited !! My RL body scan after his chemo … Nothing has spread to any more lymph nodes. !!! We can breath for a while now. He had 6 months of chemo and he still worked on our business daily sick or not. It been rough 6 months .. We know his cancer has a low survival rate. Mantel Cell Non Hopkins lymphoma

We are lucky ! It will take time to get back to normal around here . We have tried to keep it normal … Cancer just doesn’t affect the person going threw it . It affects also the spouse  in my case if i didn’t have our business and me blogging as a out let to let it not get to me. I have cut back all of my blogging almost down to none. ( 8 only ) will take long time to go back to it . I also don’t have second life Facebook due to ( people kept reporting mine as spam and i made 6 and they kept deleting it Facebook says im not real person ( i do have rl Facebook) so its hard to prove and i try. I been with out one for 2 yrs. so … ill just do my few until some one will hire me lol . hugs have a great day !!

Kaithleen’s Valya Set FaMESHed

CAROL G Amore TaTToo

^^Swallow^^ Egypt Earrings

TRUTH Destiny

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