What Is Normal ..Now?!!

What Is Normal ..Now!!

Morning .. How is every one holding up??!! We are doing well . Just praying that this will flatten out for while. ( Virus) I wish my governor would lock down state we are hot spot now .. My town is super small and I’m afraid it will just wipe us out. We are a place where most come to retire to or vacation. We have 5,000 people live here one road in and one road out . If your not retired you work in Richmond or Newport News , Norfolk. which is 50 plus miles away. So your bringing it here regardless  … Ok off to post be careful be safe i hope to keep seeing my friends post to know they are ok. !! I pray for all of you !!! keep in touch with family and friends in rl and sl hugs !!!

We will get threw this !!


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Quarantine With My Best Friend

Quarantine With My Best Friend

Morning . I talked to my mom yesterday .. She told me she was going to go have a drink with my aunt and uncle 2 houses down from her. They will sit 6 feet apart. ( my mom and aunt and uncle are near 80 and are in great health ) My aunt and uncle just came back from Florida they were there for 4 months … They have been back for 2 weeks. I understand they are my moms best friends. But it scares me. My real life says my mom is adult and let her be. My mom is lady that works out at YMCA 3 times week and works at the Library doing the accounting for them. She is also involved with her church and She plays cards once week. ( not any more due to library is closed and The YMCA is closed )

I have read on Facebook my small town has 3 people with the virus ( we live in county of 5,000 people one way in town one way out.  I saw one of the local thrift stores were going to open up ( we aren’t suppose to our business are closed ) ok i vented lol .. Thank you for listening lol hugs all be safe!!!

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Yes , I Am Wearing Big Flower!


Morning all . I am having slight cough .. i know its from nasal drip from my allergies from spring coming . My mind is playing games with me .. Told Hubbie we need plan if one of us gets the virus and one sleeps upstairs and other stays in our bedroom down stairs. (lap top is up here in guest room/office. I know we all want this over with .

I do a lot of praying for all of you in the world and my family & friends. keep in touch with your rl families and friends ..This makes you wake up and realize a lot of things aren’t as important as it used to be .. You know. I park a lot .. My friendships in sl aren’t what they used to be any more . My partner in sl died 2 yrs ago from his long term illness i truly miss him now . ( He was my best friend in the world) lol im trailing off like blabbing idoit!! BE SAFE PLEASE HUGS!!!!!


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Red Poppy

Red Poppy

Morning another day of the virus. I hope you are all are doing well. I am practicing beyond say distancing . I haven’t been out of house for 2 weeks !! Once it started around about getting virus i decided heck no. As you know RL  hubbie finished chemo. I have been vigilant to this !! Hes only allowed to go pick up grocery when we order online and let them bring it to the car!! This will last months . Be safe all hugs !!!

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** If you don’t see me blogging something im wearing . Its either store is no longer around or  a really old product .. or a  friend has made it just for me , Or i dont blog for the store. Thank you !!!

Be Strong !!

Be Strong !!

Morning .. How are You all doing this morning ??!! I know its hard to have every one home in house .. or to be alone … Thank goodness we have internet. Second life.

I haven taken longer to do photos and post. I get distracted worrying about my grown kids and my mom . My daughter called me and said her fridge broke. She called her landlord and they had warranty company come out . Shes working from home living ( she is mgr in big insurance company )  in city suburbs in Town house . Her husband in on road during weekly .. She is stuck with 1 dog and 2 cats and my 3 grand kids.!!

1 Grandson 10 and 2 grand daughters .. One is 13 and my youngest she is 5 .. My daughter is a saint !!! My son and his wife work from Geico. ( daughter in law is 2 yrs out having leukemia !! They just built a new house and are going to enjoy working from home lol  ( no grand kids from them yet) Just grand dog lol !! called louie … My mom is home with my brother . I finally talked to my brother.  ( He is alcoholic) I said you need to go to AA

He is going there i didn’t know .i know who his sponsor is .. long story i am talking to him keeping my guard up .  Hubbie did go back to doctor for other cancer he has on his ear basil cell carcinoma ( sigh) after 6 rounds of chemo for his non mantel cell Hodgkin lymphoma omg i just re read this … YIKES !! If my family can make it threw this we are golden !!! Hugs all keep in touch with your loved ones . Call them skype them email text call them . We are in troubled times it effects whole world . Peace be safe

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Pure White

Pure White

Morning my Virus fighters !!  How are you all handling this ?! I am doing ok until last night im a news watcher. I think i had my first panic attack .. I have always had stuffy nose this time of year all is blooming at my house .. Apple blossoms/ Dog wood trees / daffodils .. Ect. I got my nose spray out and finally i could breathe!! calmed down an relaxed and turned channel to watch friends and golden girls !! needed to fall asleep

We can get threw this . I have ordered  groceries other day !! It took me long time to log into my grocery store  app . I live in small town of 3,000 to 4,000 we used to have 2 grocery stores now we have one Major one . Thank goodness Food lion will do a online . My husband finished his last chemo. We have our home business  in our back yard ( building) which im glad we don’t come in contact with any one. We have drop box for repairs to canvas and we get calls and when were finished we put it in drop box.

Our microwave over oven broke we had repair guy ( warranty) here last week Hubby stood in dinning room he was in kitchen they didn’t shake hands.. We bleached it all down with gloves after he left . ( hubby had mask on ) We decided to call them told them don’t come back to fix it ( they got the part) until all this is done and over with ) We have a microwave from our den we use for grand kids for popcorn so we use that one now lol !!

Ok all be safe Hugs !!!

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It’s A Beret Kind Of Day!!


Morning . I haven’t been blogging so much lately. Trying to get this Virus thing in check. I have ordered my grocery’s and had it picked up. We are in  staying safe here . Our schools in Virginia are out for while. I have my freezer  stocked and my fridge. Our meds all filled and we have cough medicine i got nose spray and big box of  Tylenol  tissues  .

limited our business customers coming to house just dropping off their orders on porch and calling us . Ok im late by 2 yrs posting !!! Hugs and please stay safe im praying for all of us .. Don’t forget were in this together !!! Hugs

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They Call It The Blues

They Call It The Blues

Morning .. I’m up early waiting for the repair guy ( my home warranty company )

Our microwave built in over our stove is broken. My husband retired Electrician has fixed it we thought . We got parts for door to shut and it still trips the circuit breaker. Its only 2 yrs old . I hope they just replace it and not try to keep fixing it . Thank goodness we had older Microwave up stairs in our den .. When company comes grand kids use it for popcorn . Ok im heading to post and watch for repair truck . Have good day and please keep healthy from the Virus!!!

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Morning… I can not express where ever you live to be careful of the Virus!!

My business i am having my clients in RL drop off their cushions to their boats on our front steps for our business . I’m getting my hair cut today and i’m going to tell girl that owns shop i hope shes cleaned off her chair with Lysol there is only 3,000 people in winter live here ( tourist come in summer) so she has small amount of people hair she cuts.

My rl has just had his last chemo and i surely don’t want this to get to him.

Ok all be proactive and safe hugs !!!

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