Macaroons & Champagne

Macaroons & Champane

Morning .. Its raining horribly here.  I haven’t been into blogging lately with Hubbies cancer . He had high temperature last night and glad it went down. Hes working in our shop and didn’t turn heat on . ( Men lol ) He over did it . It normally takes 2 weeks for him to get back to his old self After chemo. Hes been over doing it getting our fence into shape after the bad storm came in at 60 mph and blew few pieces over.

I must be blind lately lol .. The new Maitreya hud i cant read small print on it .. The print was bigger on other one . I don’t know if its due to me having lap top and i cant read it .

Ok off to post i do babble . Have a great day all 🙂

Nerido Loren Top  MarketPlace

Dahlia Posh – Champagne Bottles Anthem

DOUX Malori Hairstyle



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