White On White

White On White

Morning .. HUBBIES LAST CHEMO WAS YESTERDAY YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL

Id like to say back to normal. He has more scan test now ( since this cancer is aggressive)

He also have melanoma on his ear before he had chemo ( They will cut that its not grown any . ) Now in next few weeks we will be doing our back deck and doing touch up paint around our home… Tell our friend ( Real Estate Agent)Were putting house on market.

We took a old farm house and turned it into a  beautiful farm house.. I love my home and it kills me to sell it . (Hubbie has over $30,000 in hospital bills ) I know its only a home .. I cry daily …We re did it all our self’s . Only carpet was put in by a company we did runner our self on the stairs and chair rail and wainscoting and crown molding. We figure our equity in 2 years is $75,000 .. Finding place to rent around here is next to none with only 3,000 people living here. not any rentals. Next county is bigger  35,000 population. There are 4 houses on Internet for rent.

Most are 1,800 month and 2k month . ugh … I better up and post this .. We have one heck of wind here !! Internet just went out and tv and home office land line.

Kaithleen Spotlight Body Striped  Fameshed

Stealthic Cascade



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