Happy Friday Morning all!! I know a few read my blog. I know i don’t have great spelling punctuation and grammar!! I do try lol

Well if you have been reading my blog. You know my real life hubby has Non Mantel Cell Hodgkin’s Lymphoma .. Hist last week of chemo is next week . With this cancer its not good out come. It will come back in less than 2 yrs. We have had over 30,000 in bills from uninsured left over for his treatments. Its getting over whelming .. To pay our house mortgage our car payments. and Charge cards. We bought this house old 1940’s farmhouse and turned it our self’s into a beautiful home. We have lots of equity in it in 2 yrs . We have made a long and hard decision to sell it . Find  a rental as nice as this .

It broke my husbands heart to have to sell our home. Hes never has rented in his entire life .

I have i told him we live in small rural area (3,000 population) not lot of rentals available here if any . Our business is our main concern. We will have to look in next county over .. 😦  Away from my mom too. ( sigh) That’s life folks !!! Just when you find the right man ( We got married 4 yrs ago) We have battled 2 cancers and renovated 3 houses had a blast doing it !!! I love this man dearly he doesn’t need stress of Hospital bills taking away our home. Didn’t mean to depress you all !!!  You make this Friday a good one .. Hugs all !!

Kaithleen’s Luna Uber


*** Jewerly – Tesoro del Luna Necklace Redux by EMPYREAN FORGE***


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