The Blues

The Blues

Morning .. I have cut back on 3 of my sponsors due things going on. All uninsured doctors bills from RL Cancer  .. They have racked up to 30,000 !!! ( Insurance didn’t cover)  We have been paying them fast and furious ..


Hubbie had talk to the hospital to see if they could modify his bills.  They said we made to much money to help us out.

We don’t want them to garnish his retirement checks. I didn’t know he was behind on the mortgage. We Were behind 2 now its one. They( FHA our mortgage company ) want him to drive 4 hours with cancer and to talk to them. or they will come to our home and then charge us (scare-tacit) told hubbie contact our lawyer ( a friend ) So hes gone to our lawyers office to see what rights we have .

Cancer can rob you and your home too ! My mom called me yesterday and wanted to talk i told her id call her in few days i cant deal with her asking and me bawling on phone to her. This morning again she was on her cell in car i told her mom its not been few days. ( I know shes dying to know) I have borrowed money fro my mom before its like owing the devil lol . I love her but not at this moment i just cant. She is going to out of town for few hrs and wanted me to know ( she never tells me this. ) I do vent on my blog and this is life!

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