Start The Day With caffeine

Start The Day With caffeine

Morning . I am awaiting my doctors appointment tomorrow . ( if my IBS flare up stops) TMI right?!! lol ….. ( Ive had this for 3 yrs only one med has worked and it was for 10 months and one for 2 months. ) I leave house for short periods of time ( like 30 minutes )

My doctor is hour  min drive up and back tomorrow !!! It comes with stress they say .

With 20,000 dollars in medical bills with my husbands cancer. Has stressed me out .. It will keep tallying up more by end . We own a business and beautiful farmhouse we both re did our self’s we surely don’t want to lose it . Hubby is a retired electrician.  We make good money with our business during peek time which is march to November .

Now is our slow time. Which means not much money . His retirement is great with out these bills and our regular bills. I used to work in school system for 15 yrs i had to stop due to my IBS got to be severe. 4 gastric doctors and 2 regular doctors and 1 nurse practitioner which has been my savior she has helped me more than any doctor has.

she keeps trying different methods for me to get better . So i go tomorrow to see her.

Never in my life had i EVER been sick or unhealthy, Till now  sorry if any one is reading this but its my outlet . I’m blowing off steam ,I used to have friends in Real life .. I don’t any more. My good friend died  a yr ago. The rest are having their own lives.

Second life i don’t hang with any one in game i blog and park… Ok a much more  happy note !!  My youngest granddaughter turned 6 yesterday and calling her talking to her last night made me soo happy !!! Ok all you make sure you make the most of that day !!! Hugs

Kaithleen’s Isaa DressKinky Event

Aurealis Ray Glasses

Stealthic Brink



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