Morning !! Well it is officially cold here in Virginia . We went to 20 degrees last night .

it will be in high 50’s tomorrow . We never ever have consistent weather.

I’m little concerned with RL his last chemo made him really sluggish more than normal.

He has 14 days till his last chemo six months of chemo. I should be happy one more left you know but .. The odds he will need it again is about a year not good prognosis

With Non Hodgkin’s Mantel Cell Lymphoma. So don’t mind me if i am tad more crazier and stressed lately. He is sleeping more and tired more from this last round. If he was’nt so energetic before this i wouldn’t be worried. Ok all let me get off my soap box and post on Flickr and get some rl work done hugs all make it a great day!!!

Nerido Avrora Epiphany



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