It’s Going To Be One Of Those Day’s!!

It's Going To Be On Of Those Day's!!

I so wanted to stay in bed this morning .. We had one heck of heavy rain last night.

Our cockapoo now seems wants to go out 3 times after 11pm threw night !! I think shes sleeping way to much under my desk during day. We have over acre backyard, I try to throw ball when im not so busy with RL work.  With crappy weather ( its been over 50 degrees for past week. ) and Rain or fog. We haven’t had any snow last year or none this year . We used to now theirs your climate change. When i was growing up in Virginia ( is where im living now ) We had good amount of snow for Virginia at least had snow days .

I like to see snow . We lived in Florida for year and half and moved back here . I missed the fall and spring .

You all have a most wonderful day hugs !!!

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