Blue Hue

Blue Hue

Good Morning … Friday Friday!!! I’m waiting on a guy to come and fix my ice maker in our 2 yr old fridge. It has 2 ice makers one in bottom drawer and one up top with water.

Its one with water in it  on the door isn’t working. The repair person came around thanksgiving and wanted to come fix it Christmas eve day and we had to turn off fridge for 24 hrs we told them to come after Christmas ( we had company and didn’t want to throw away our food . ) We have a freezer in our laundry room to keep more frozen food. Sooo our food is in cooler and in a small fridge we have up in our den we keep our diet cokes and water in . ( like dorm / college type fridge ) The guy came last time repair guy had attitude from hell. Well this Ginger ( me) let him have it. He said it wasn’t worth fixing .  This is a 2,000 high end fridge. I told him it will be fixed ( we have 2 warranty one with lowe’s and home warranty) ok off my soap box he will be here between 10am and noon and its 9am now .. Have a great day hugs !!! \

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