Let’s Hope 2020 Will Be A Better Year !

2020 Will Be A Better Year !

Morning all .. Running late again posting . I came up stairs to my office, I turned on all lights and my recessed light over my desk burned out . UGGG!!! its like  dark of course i have other lighting in my room . But over top its like i need coal miners hat! I Have a dark office even though I have 3 windows in the room they are on shaded side in morning. Hubby stood on my chair and put in regular bulb until get gets his coffee lol and goes to the hardware store here in town.

We live in a tiny rural area where there is no Lowes or home depot.  Nearest one is 20 miles away.  We have one grocery store !! lol … A hardees ( fast food ) 8 restaurants seafood Mexican and few expensive ones on the water here this is mostly a vacation town.  Its nice but living in small town has it draw backs .. Its sorta like second life. They know your business and there are rumors lol . Luckily i married the nicest person in this area that every one loves !!! ( they just don’t know his nasty mental wife me lmao ) ok all enough yibber yabber have a great Thursday !! Hugs !!!  ( Ps i know I’m horrible speller and i don’t do paragraphs correctly .. lol

Nerido   Gerda DressUBER

DOUX Paula Hairstyle LEVEL EVENT



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