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Morning .. Its a new day .. January has been one hell of a month.  I hope February is back on tract i so need it . I got my cortisone in my knees Friday !!! They say it will take 2 weeks to work ..( Its doing better already !!! ) I went 6 months this past time with out getting my shot . That’s pretty good!! I can stand up with out pain or waiting to walk .

I’m bone on bone. I played basketball and cheerleader & Track in high school and in college. I was female jock lol. now i am product of old age lol You all make the best of your Wednesday – Hump day !!

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The Blues

The Blues

Morning .. I have cut back on 3 of my sponsors due things going on. All uninsured doctors bills from RL Cancer  .. They have racked up to 30,000 !!! ( Insurance didn’t cover)  We have been paying them fast and furious ..


Hubbie had talk to the hospital to see if they could modify his bills.  They said we made to much money to help us out.

We don’t want them to garnish his retirement checks. I didn’t know he was behind on the mortgage. We Were behind 2 now its one. They( FHA our mortgage company ) want him to drive 4 hours with cancer and to talk to them. or they will come to our home and then charge us (scare-tacit) told hubbie contact our lawyer ( a friend ) So hes gone to our lawyers office to see what rights we have .

Cancer can rob you and your home too ! My mom called me yesterday and wanted to talk i told her id call her in few days i cant deal with her asking and me bawling on phone to her. This morning again she was on her cell in car i told her mom its not been few days. ( I know shes dying to know) I have borrowed money fro my mom before its like owing the devil lol . I love her but not at this moment i just cant. She is going to out of town for few hrs and wanted me to know ( she never tells me this. ) I do vent on my blog and this is life!

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I Want Snow!

I Want Snow!

I would love to see some snow!!! It hasn’t snowed here in my part of Virginia in 3 yrs if you want to count a dusting !! We live on water  the Chesapeake bay its 10 degrees warmer than other areas . I love snow .. Well love it to point i don’t want it bad enough that our little town closes down and it has before.. i have a doctors appointment today i hope my  flare up doesn’t come today so i can ..Yes i’m one of those sickies lmao . Just kidding !!! I have TMJ I Need to get some antibiotics its in flamed. ok have a wonderful Friday and enjoy your weekend !!!

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Start The Day With caffeine

Start The Day With caffeine

Morning . I am awaiting my doctors appointment tomorrow . ( if my IBS flare up stops) TMI right?!! lol ….. ( Ive had this for 3 yrs only one med has worked and it was for 10 months and one for 2 months. ) I leave house for short periods of time ( like 30 minutes )

My doctor is hour  min drive up and back tomorrow !!! It comes with stress they say .

With 20,000 dollars in medical bills with my husbands cancer. Has stressed me out .. It will keep tallying up more by end . We own a business and beautiful farmhouse we both re did our self’s we surely don’t want to lose it . Hubby is a retired electrician.  We make good money with our business during peek time which is march to November .

Now is our slow time. Which means not much money . His retirement is great with out these bills and our regular bills. I used to work in school system for 15 yrs i had to stop due to my IBS got to be severe. 4 gastric doctors and 2 regular doctors and 1 nurse practitioner which has been my savior she has helped me more than any doctor has.

she keeps trying different methods for me to get better . So i go tomorrow to see her.

Never in my life had i EVER been sick or unhealthy, Till now  sorry if any one is reading this but its my outlet . I’m blowing off steam ,I used to have friends in Real life .. I don’t any more. My good friend died  a yr ago. The rest are having their own lives.

Second life i don’t hang with any one in game i blog and park… Ok a much more  happy note !!  My youngest granddaughter turned 6 yesterday and calling her talking to her last night made me soo happy !!! Ok all you make sure you make the most of that day !!! Hugs

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Morning !! Well it is officially cold here in Virginia . We went to 20 degrees last night .

it will be in high 50’s tomorrow . We never ever have consistent weather.

I’m little concerned with RL his last chemo made him really sluggish more than normal.

He has 14 days till his last chemo six months of chemo. I should be happy one more left you know but .. The odds he will need it again is about a year not good prognosis

With Non Hodgkin’s Mantel Cell Lymphoma. So don’t mind me if i am tad more crazier and stressed lately. He is sleeping more and tired more from this last round. If he was’nt so energetic before this i wouldn’t be worried. Ok all let me get off my soap box and post on Flickr and get some rl work done hugs all make it a great day!!!

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Pop Of Color !

Pop Of Color

Sunday Morning , Its almost 10am here EST . up and dressed and im upstairs in my office This is short and sweet i need to clean house . My 2 bathroom  and dust my dinning room . I haven’t dusted in there since Christmas lol .. Hubby is cooking breakfast down stairs.

Have a most wonderful day all  hugs !!!

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Late Night Munchies

Late Night Munchies

Morning !!! I finally got out to get my hair highlighted and cut .. ( Happy Dance) I haven’t been able to get out due to flare up with my Issues i have and Hubbie just finished another round of chemo. His last round is February . I have 3 clients this afternoon coming and more canvas orders coming in for our business. Its only January and were getting swamped. Hubbie is little slow after  this round of chemo. You all have a most wonderful Friday and great weekend hugs !!!

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Morning . I just logged into my Blog here @ World Press and it said Congratulations you have been blogging 3 yrs here at world press!!! wow i even left second life for 4 months thought i was going to leave for good and deleted my sl Facebook in process lol . ( which was stupid i cant get one it keeps getting reported as spam. ) I have sort day on my blog .

You are so lucky you don’t have to see any jabbering lol hugs all !!

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It’s Going To Be One Of Those Day’s!!

It's Going To Be On Of Those Day's!!

I so wanted to stay in bed this morning .. We had one heck of heavy rain last night.

Our cockapoo now seems wants to go out 3 times after 11pm threw night !! I think shes sleeping way to much under my desk during day. We have over acre backyard, I try to throw ball when im not so busy with RL work.  With crappy weather ( its been over 50 degrees for past week. ) and Rain or fog. We haven’t had any snow last year or none this year . We used to now theirs your climate change. When i was growing up in Virginia ( is where im living now ) We had good amount of snow for Virginia at least had snow days .

I like to see snow . We lived in Florida for year and half and moved back here . I missed the fall and spring .

You all have a most wonderful day hugs !!!

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