Cheers To 2020 …

To 2020 !!

Morning .. I only wish Christmas Day was a good one with my Mom. I love her dearly but she knows how to throw a wrench into the pile!!! I have a younger brother that is a alcoholic in 3 weeks time he has fallen and broke his hip  then got home and he had issues and then now he just got hip replacement. He has jumped from job to job my mom has paid for al his bills since my Dad died 2 yrs ago . Hes coming home to live with her.

Eye roll!!! He has brand new audi suv!!! im pretty sure she co signed . Its 50k car.

She said he has to sell it . Who in hell will give him any money for 1 yr old car that cost that much !! She wants me to take care of him when she goes to play cards or to get out of house in case he falls. ( My brother years ago when drunk threatened to kill me and my Husband ) He  has threatened me alone before few times . I had past husband was a alcoholic he died from alcoholism . I told my mom i wouldn’t take care of him . She basically went off on me Christmas Day not heard from her . She is moving him here tomorrow, She has moving truck to bring his furniture to my moms house ( My mom has upper floor in her home. My mom lives in 3,000 sq home on water. He will continue  to suck her dry of her money. Ok time to get off my soap box. I have that on top of Hubbies cancer i so wish i had a girls day out lol !!! I have moved back here and 2 of my friends no longer live here . Small town of 3,000 hard to find any one i can click with . Hugs all you have a wonderful day !!!

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3 thoughts on “Cheers To 2020 …

  1. I don’t blame you a bit !!! If your mom wishes to be used that is on her, but you don’t have to contribute or enable either of them. You have enough on your plate entering the new year, please relax, blow it off and don’t stress. My best to you and your hubby in 2020. Enjoy the small moments and don’t let the negativity of others drain you. Hugs

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