Snow Bound


Morning all !!! Wow what a morning !!! I have a sciatic nerve pain once in a blue moon but yesterday and today is my blue moon !!! Struggling to get up the stairs to get to my office /computer room.  I think over doing it at Thanksgiving cleaning house and doing all that food . Yesterday i took down my fall decorations and i had to stop due to pain. I only take a night if i have pain a pill . I don’t believe in taking pills all time I rather struggle threw it . I don’t have a addictive personality. Ok all im heading out

Need to post and need to do some work on my RL Job and struggle to get rest of my fall decor up and get out my Christmas stuff. Hubbie has added outlet on my mantel for my Christmas garland to plug in!! He is doing well with his cancer he is having this week a round of chemo. last chemo is in February !!

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Purple Haze

Purple HazeMorning all. I must be getting tired of Thanksgiving . ( Means i have done my share and im done. ) I am not big turkey fan. My stuffing didn’t turn out way ( I ) Like it every one else did. To much food for one day and i’m not big Thanksgiving left over person. There is two of us and enough food left over for army!! Now to get ready for Christmas !!!

My RL Hubbie having Chemo Tuesday  and Wednesday  He will be tired to do our out doors Christmas stuff until he rest from it. I  told him this year lets not do it . He said HELL NO !!!  lol so we are going to get it done before Tuesday the out side.

Ok i’m worn out from yesterday going to get this out and relax Have great Friday!!


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Just The Beginning Of it !!

Just The Beginning Of it !!

Its The Beginning of it for sure !!!! Tomorrow its Thanksgiving in states !!! Im busy getting ready for company tomorrow . Not a lot my mom and few aunts and uncles dropping in for few . I went shopping with my mom yesterday .. I’m exhausted !!!

I will not go shopping on Friday .. Black Friday yuck!!! I’ve only done that once and that was enough !!! My grown son will go out for electronics  new tv’s and ect he is in his mid 30’s he has more stamina than i do or nerves lol If you live in States have a Happy Thanksgiving im off to post and get house dusted and clean hardwood floors in dinning room * uggg*  hugs all !!!

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Morning all !!! Its a chilly 29 degrees here coldest its been so far!!  but will head to 55 today. Tomorrow 62 and sunny!!  Thinking of going shopping with my mom tomorrow.

Shopping with my mom is a experience for sure !! I’m going to drive i love her but her car is brand new and has that beeping sound when you get to close to the road lines. its like playing old pong game from 70’s!! Ding Ding Ding !!! lol Bumper car style.

We Always go to library for her to get books on tape . My mom will clean house with her head sets on or do gardening with it on. You don’t talk to her when its on .. She will ignore you and not say a word. ( Sometimes its best like that lol jk )

I need to get blanket for guest room for company coming at Christmas and i need to go to get mascara  from clinique . You know your not supposed to wear your mascara over 6 months old .. Well i wear mine till it runs out . Like now lol !!!! Almost 2 yrs lol . ok enough jabber time to post have great Monday all hugs !!!

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I Love Barley

I Love Barley!

Morning .. Again late start to my day!!! My Mom called . Her smoke detector is going off !!  Its battery and electric. They talk to each other type my husband retired electrician put them in.  Hes going over to help her. ( His chemo is doing well !! 🙂 !!!

Hes working with our business doing canvas & leather on boats.  We have big huge job with this yacht were doing and we are getting a RV big one to re do seats .

Winter is our slower time of the year but seems were doing more !! ok enough yabbering off to post and call and do some real life work ordering . hugs all have good Friday !!

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Black & Blue

Black & Blue

Morning all !!! I had productive few days  .. Got pedicure !!  went finished ordering Christmas gifts. I am almost done .. All done with Grand kids in October. Real life work is caught up ( Our business hubbie and i have )  This is short i have to do few things in real life this afternoon. You all have a wonderful Hump Day !!

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Lady In Red !

Lady In Red

Morning . I am heading out to do some errands .. ( got list as long as my arm!! ) Walmart is one for my prescriptions . I Sooo hate standing in line at prescription counter. One lady is dumb as bag of rocks and i seem to get her all time lol . There is more germs in that line than any line you can encounter. I then head to get a pedicure if nothing major happens like real life work … I have had long talk with my grown children .. Mama needs to know when your coming for Christmas!!! They all do work in busy big companies !

I have one that’s responded  ( My daughter ) for 22 & 23 = 3 grand kids and huge dog and son in law !!

My son responded sure !! I let Alyssa pick that date ( my daughter in law ) no kids an a English bull dog to come !!! ( they love their nieces and nephew but i also know they love the non ruckus lol I have feeling they will come later . ok all you have most wonderful start of the week !!

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Wanna Sip?

Wanna Sip

Sunday Morning !! We are having a northeastern Winds blowing up to  30 55 miles hr

In our rural area Our electricity goes out really easy most electricity wires to older houses aren’t  under ground. Soo in case i’m hitting on putting this out really fast lol .

In the states we celebrate Thanksgiving in 12 Days. I’m not in mood to cook thank goodness i only have my mom and few other friends to come. If even that many . I need to deep clean house for Christmas any ways. Soo Told my My real life we so need to get jump on Christmas . His chemo starts on his  4th round December .

He gets week after it . So we will be decorating right after Thanksgiving .

I have lots and lost of Christmas stuff . It will take week at least . You all have great

Sunday !!!!

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Everyone Needs Best Friend

Everyone Needs A Best Friend

Morning !!! Friday yippie !!! lol .. I am little sore this morning i had procedure in doctors office yesterday.  I also ran to grocery store to get turkeys on sale at grocery store before all good Butter Ball turkeys were gone lol. I Got 2 been stocking up my freezer for company for holidays and have freezer in my fridge also loaded . Now i need to start baking and freezing cookies ect. My Christmas presents for grand kids are done !!

I like to get a hold of it early due to my RL Hubbie has cancer and is doing chemo and we have a RL home business that’s super busy .

You all have a most wonderful weekend !!

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