Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Hot Cup Of Pumpkin Spice On Halloweens Night

Morning all !!! Yes Its Halloween .. Today is My RL & mine Wedding Anniversary !!! Yes we got married 4 yrs ago on Halloween lol .. Yesterday was my 60th … Yes 6O th Birthday !!!  I Spent day with my mom .. She made me home made crab cakes from my Uncles crab pot Home made potato salad and for desert she made me cheesecake. We had beautiful day sitting on her big deck facing the Chesapeake bay  leaves falling in breeze !

Chatting and yacking!!  Hubbie has gotten crabs from my uncles and my dads crab pots for this evening ( yes i do love sea food!!) My dad died 2 yrs ago and my uncle does crab my dads pots for all of us. ( plus his ) … Ok enough yabber . Have a great Halloween . We don’t get trick or  treater’s  here we live in country down long drive way .. They have things all week for kids in town.

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Salute !!


Morning all .. After last evening my time i couldn’t get into second life like most it was down . Had to scramble this morning to get landmarks lol !!!

This will be super short this morning my blog .. My mom called and kept me on phone for long time .. I love my mom !!! She wants me to come for lunch on Wednesday for my birthday ! Shes making me home made crab cakes yummm!!! Crabs from my uncles and my parents crab pots out on bay they have. I have client i need to call for my RL business you all have a most wonderful day !!

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White On White

White On White

Morning .. I had blog all ready done for yesterday and low and behold … Flickr was down showing no photos uploaded for hours !!! ( on A Friday no less) So im totally out of gas to re do it . I deleted it lol .. Have a most happy weekend all !!! Make it a great weekend even if watching Hallmark Christmas movies starting this weekend .. Its what im going to do after i clean kitchen lol . !!!


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Juniper Cove

Juniper Cove

Happy Hump day Every one !!! This photo is named Juniper Cove its a real cove name.

My Grandparents named it that. They lived here in Mathews County since 1930 My grandfather sold my parents 2 acres of land on the cove that goes out to the creek that ends up to the Chesapeake Bay. To build house when they retired from school system.

In 2001 they built huge 3.000 foot house on water. My grandparents house ( 1895 circa) was main house .. There is a dock my dad docked his boat in front of house this is long story to tell you why i called photo this . Its good memories i still go there to this day and enjoy . Crabbing and fishing . Thank you all for who do read my blog !!! Have a most productive day hugs !!!

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Little Devil In Me

Little Devil In Me

Good Morning !! This is 3rd day of rain!!! ugh … 2 Days of heavy rain and now more expected .. We live near  Chesapeake Bay about water all around us here. Mathews County Va is flat,  low, sea level. When it rains a lot there is road flooding. and mushy grounds . Every one here has boots( white high rubber boots ) Ugly and cheap but works

We call them Mathews county bedroom slippers lol ( due to we all wear them at some time ) . Useless information you will never need ! Hubby has to go to Richmond today about his Cancer. If it happens to get worse and whats his options. Its at VCU medical hospital . Its 2 hr drive but hes doing so well with his chemo his numbers are up which is out standing !! I have to stay here due to we have 2 customers coming and UPS Is coming with bolts of material ( We own Boat canvas business for cushions tops on boats ect)

Ok its after 9am im running tad late have a great Tuesday !!! hugs all

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On To Our Next Adventure !!

On To Our Next Adventure

Morning .. Its Monday … Ugg !! lol  I had so so weekend did you ?!!! My RL Hubby’s   daughter came to visit us I haven’t seen her in 5 yrs … ( Grown children  are horrible at their parents divorce  even though its after 15 ! lol ) I didn’t meet her dad until 5 yrs ago.

She is middle child she is 46 yrs old. ( yes im older than her!) She was on her way back from a cruise and stopped by ( she lives 2 hrs away) She only sees her dad half way at restaurant every few years they used to be super close.


He has cancer now. I behind her back call her ice queen. Her best friend came with her

( I really liked her) ! They only stayed little over a hour. I told her when he left room she needed to bring grand kids to see him ( they are teens) he has stage 3 cancer. The 3 daughters liked me till we got engaged ! Its their loss if they don’t go back to spending time with their dad .. Nothing i can do. I do feel so bad for him. My kids ( grown ) and my grand kids call him grandpa he loves them so much and vice versa. !!! Had to get this off my chest even though it might not be read  buy any one but me . Have a most wonderful day all hugs!!!

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Stroll In The Woods

Stroll In The Woods

Friday  ahhh!!! Ya made it!!! Long Long week. So much in the news ( Political) wow!!! Im news Junkie … Ok i wont say any more ….

We are having company Sunday. My husbands grown daughter ..( long story short ive not seen her in 5 yrs) Sunday should be interesting … I am cleaning like a mad woman ..

How does a house get so dusty?!!! My hardwood floor in Formal dinning room looks like Halloween in corner of our hutch lol !!! and in foyer ( Entryway ) on hard wood. and stairs im off after i blog to get this done !!!Have as great weekend !!

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School Girl Antics !!

School Girl Antics !!

Hello Tuesday!!! …. 63 degrees!!! high 69 yay !!!! cool weather lol …Cutting Back on our air !!!We have dual units for up and down stairs ..This Morning my cockapoo ( cocker spaniel) was barking in living room madly i heard tractors on road … ( We living in small county of  7000 if it summer due to summer houses on water and camp grounds) There was combine and 2 big tractors moving slowly . Pumpkin is honey colored 3 yr cockapoo that thinks her land is all her eye can see lol !!! We own over acre and half but most of it is behind us . Shes the Mrs Kravitiz of our neighbor hood ( Mrs Kravitiz is nosey neighbor of old show Bewitched . ) ok enough yammering !! I need to get dog ready for being groomed at groomer today and drop her off in few hours  ( need to feed her) Have a great Tuesday all !!


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Monday Monday!! Not much to blog about . ( SHOCK HUH?)  lol …

Non eventful weekend !! Did some shopping online, I bought sweater and  pair of earrings and iPhone leather case . Spent time looking for my grand daughters Christmas presents . They want jewelry box. I have 13 yr grand daughter and 5 yr grand daughter. My 10 year old grand son is lot easier to buy for lol My boring life.. I don’t have any second life gossip or news like some do in their blogs!! I guess i stay in real life a little to much !!! My husband has Mantel Cell Non Hodgkin Lymphoma Cancer , Hes doing really well with his cancer . I’m so proud of him . He works on our canvas business and chemo doesn’t so far made him sick. We know that this cancer doesn’t have a success rate 😦

He has 3 more rounds . His numbers are great so far!!! Lots of prayers . Have a great Monday all hugs !!!

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Lifts My Beer To Cooler Weather!!❤️❤️

Lifts My Beer To Cooler Weather!!

Friday !!!!! You all made it!! its 58 degrees at this moment i love love it !! Leafs falling crisp feel and its sunny ( no rain) beautiful day !!! High of day is 68 !!! ( can you tell im tired of 98 degree days?!!! ) Im a Virginian i know it will be back even in November .. They call it Indian Summer . Have a wonderful upcoming weekend all !!❤️

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