I Sometimes Feel You Near

I Sometimes Feel You Near

Well its another week again !!!  Tomorrow is first of October!!! My favorite month by far !!!  Maybe due to its my Birthday Month in RL and its My Anniversary in RL  Love Love the leaves  beginning to turn here in Virginia !!weather isn’t cool yet .. Wont be for another 3 weeks or more.  we get this Indian summer here beautiful leaf turning and hot weather lol Today its going to be in 80’s Wednesday will be mid 90’s Sooo if we ever get snow ( last yr was only dusting) It happens in February ( Maybe this year it may be surprise) We live On Chesapeake Bay and its 15 degrees warmer always compared to rest of state. Now you’ve had your history lesson lol .

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Lazy Afternoon

Fall On The Water

Sunday Morning …. Its 9am im dragging a little to come upstairs to my office to post this.

laying in bed thinking i can sit and drink another cup of coffee with news on.

Then thought opps i have photo to get out!!! I am finally human i got my hair done with highlights !!! My gel nails & my pedicure !! ahhh i can be seen in public now lol

ok this is short blog ( you all got off lucky lol )  Have great rest of your weekend whats left of it !!!

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Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Old Fashion Lavender Tea Party

Good Morning !!! I am almost back to normal ( don’t want to jinx it lol ) I have been out of house and about to do things. Seems so far .. I’m feeling good again. I got my hair cut and highlighted !!! I wont scare children at bus stop lol ( Just kidding) Hubbie is responding well to his Chemo !! he doesn’t go back till next week and hes working and cutting grass . We needed some much normal here. Have a great Thursday !


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There Is A Fighter In All Of Us !!!!

There Is A Fighter In All Of Us !!!!

Morning all !! This outfit by Rinka ( which i blog for )  has inspired me for how i feel about my Real lifes Cancer!!!!  F*** Cancer!!! ( believe it or not he hates that term)

Well  todays another week . I have finished my fall decorations ( not started on my Halloween till beginning of October) Real life got few mums ( they will be dead i know if i don’t re pot them. They are all on my screened in porch . I have my big fall wreath up and my fall leaf garland around our door and fall flag up! Mantel is done and my entry table. Dinning room is decorated.  ok enough fru fru things have a blessed day all ❤️


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Welcome Fall


Well we have made it all to the weekend. This week was hard one. for My house hold

My RL hubbie is going steady in his chemo and doing really well . I had to go into hospital for infusion for dehydration for few hrs ( my Doctor ordered it . ) When you RL Hubbie has cancer your whole life changes… Things that you wished would get done you just dont care about any more. You end up depending on family more that you ever did .

Is why i have always felt family was most important thing there is.  I have a brother ( i might as well been a only child due to hes not visited with all of my family here in 2 yrs since my dad died. ) I’m really happy about to be honest … There is always a f .up in family lol !!!  ok enough yammering off to post have a wonderful weekend !!!


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Out An About

Out An About

Morning .. I haven’t blogged in few days .. With RL Cancer and my health issues amped up .. We are the people you don’t say to us how are you doing?? lmao with out getting a full ear full. So We just don’t saying any thing . We just smiled when asked and change subject lol !!! Lots of laughter and jokes are key while your ill .. You all have most wonderful  day !!!

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Toast Anyone??

Toast Anyone

Morning all .. Its Friday !!!  Phone rang at 7:45am this morning It was cancer center for my RL  He has to go back in for infusion for hr saline for this chemo his liver ( something don’t ask me to remember so early in morning i was asleep) Hes heading there in few .

Im so proud of him hes doing well for now hes out in shop working yesterday . He went to see boat to do a order on and went to our florist and brought me home a single rose .. Awwww hes such a sweet man We have  been married 4 yrs next month!! done a lot in our short 5 years together !! Have a great weekend all !!

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My Big Red Cup !

My Big Red Cup

Good Morning …. Its a bit cooler here this morning . it will be 75 today and in high 80s rest of week .. In Virginia it doesn’t really get crisp and cool weather until end of October !! or first of November. Looks beautiful but hot and muggy till then . Today is my real life hubbies first day of chemo 😦  Mantle cell lymphoma (MCL)  which he has. I know i have talked about it before and i will continue to that’s my biggest concern.

I had had health issues this past year waiting for my new med’s to work but it looks like its time to hit the drawing board again on it . I’m so lucky my mom lives 5 miles from us and can take him to chemo when i cant. I’m still working and calling our customers for our business we are all caught up as of Sunday !!

We have a few in wings waiting. They know my Real life is having chemo. We are seeing how he responds to it  1 round today and one tomorrow and then he doesn’t have any more till next month . You all have a most wonderful and productive day !!!


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Polka Dot

Polka Dot

Good Sunday Morning …. Okay its  non eventful day !!!!! Yesterday i got this wild hair and started digging in my attic doors ( I have 3 doors in my computer room / spare bedroom like dormer doors where  all my holiday decorations are, One has Christmas stuff and one has fall/Halloween / Thanksgiving… other door is my valentines day / Saint Patrick’s & Easter lol its all shewn out on the bed up here !! ( cant let dog get into it .)

I also started decorating my land in second life I used to do it beautifully but lost the will to do landscape but taking my time again ( after 15 yrs you sorta get tired of it or rather i do lol ). Have whats left of a great weekend !! Hugs all !!!



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