The Eyes Have it !

Smokey Eyes

Last Day Of June !!!  its been hottest June on Record here all over 96 most of time . ugg

To early to be to hot !!! ( is why i moved from Florida back to Virginia !!)

Not a lot to blog about. Im off to fold up 3 loads of towels and finish my last of laundry .

have  great day

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Freckles & Strawberries!!

Freckles & Strawberries!

Morning .. Saturday !! ugggg lol … Im up and had my coffee .. I am in over drive this morning . My cousin is flying in from New Jersey  tomorrow morning ( I’m the oldest shes 13 yrs younger  ) . My rl hubbie has gone to on visit to see his sisters he wont be back till tues at 1am late plane coming in. I have done more stupid things since hes been gone. I have turned into a major klutz lol !!

Iv’e broke things spilled things .. You name it . I spilled on floor last night hot coffee had sugar and creamer in it on a clean floor i just did . This morning my foot keeps sticking to floor lol .. ok need to post and go do house work .. My shadow Pumpkin my cockapoo is now Velcro to me since hubby has been gone. My phone has blown up from orders of boat canvas need to be done, from our business .. I tell them were closed till next week ok ok enough BS  stuff lol have great weekend . By way i will be slowing my blogging down due to company next week !!!

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Kitty & Me

Kitty & Me

Good Monday Morning here . Its going to be sunny and 88 here today !!! Getting house ready in rl for company soon .. Moving slow today… I have a beef about my doctors office why in world  don’t they pick up phones? No one answering then goes to their non answering machine. ( like after hours one. ) they open up at 9am and i called at 9:20 … told them if i didn’t hear from them today id be coming in. I’m thinking some slacker didn’t open office this morning and they were late getting to work. Ok enough about real life !!! I am so proud of my self in secondlife . I messaged firestorm about music issues i was having they sent me url it didn’t work .. but i fixed it instead !!! I realized what it was lol. Being in sl for about 14 yrs you seem to know little more about sl than techs at times i always end up figuring  out my issues. I go to them first in case.  Ok you all have a most wonderful day today !!

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Hat Glam

Morning !!! its a beautiful day here in Virginia !! I had coffee on the front porch with the breeze …You can smell salt air here!!! We live on side of road there isn’t the water ( it cuts in and out threw the county ) Our neighbors across street has the beautiful view we can see a little.  Today’s my real life’s Birthday !!!! Hes taking dog to groomer .. And going to lowes i know not much of birthday for him. Im going to bake him a cake he doesn’t know it .  Hard to keep secret from him. ( im not the baker he is lol ) You all have a wonderful day !!!

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Sometimes We Think To Much

Sometimes We Think To Much

Morning … Yes you can see threw this cute bra from Milk -Tea!!!! Your eyes aren’t deceiving you lol I am going to mark this photo in Flickr moderate for sure !!! I had my photos from Flickr long ago marked moderate by Flickr for 2 days took me that long to re do it .. and hasn’t happened since is why im pretty smart now . I have seen lots and lots of bloggers not do that they think they are safe but they will catch up with you.

I wont get mine in many groups due to it . lots are only safe groups. but this bra is so beautiful ..Tomorrow i go to a specialist in Willamsburg to figure out few health issues…

Have a great Tuesday !!!!

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When The Music Stopped !

When The Music Stopped

This photo was mishap for the name. My long time second life hubbie was a DJ .. Was first DJ @ Big Daddys 80s club .. He and 2 others founded it . He worked there 7 yrs before he died.  I was host mgr there for a year. We worked 5 days week together for yrs . Before we dated we were good friends had our share of disagreements. One day we noticed we both were single at same time lol . There on was history of best 6 years of my second life !!! Music in SL i dont turn on my music any more for past year since he died.

I dont attend Big Daddy’s due to to many memories. ( Ive been there about 5 times )There is memorial there for him. its not the same anymore …

To me when he died ..My music died in second life. ( he would play when he was offline on his computer his stream to our house all my favorites and his . I always knew he was sitting at his  computer when he wasn’t online he would throw out” Our Song”

Ok enough memory lane. Yes this is a darker photo than i normally do . ( It was to be one thrown away but i said what the He— ill do it . Have a great week all take care !!!

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In The Blue

In The Blue

Well its Sunday !!!! nothing exciting or even boring going on here ! Im getting ready for my rl  go out of state and im having company coming in 2 weeks for 5 days . Dont think ill be on second life for 5 days .. My lap top is in guest bedroom hardwired on a stand ( i use it like a pc  ( laptop stands high about 5 inches . ) Or tell my cousin im on a game shuffle her out so i can blog lol . Not thought it over yet. lol…

Not end of world if i dont . In 15 yrs since beta i have left a lot. Sparkle is my 2nd avatar Sparkle had her 10th anniversary rez day last week !!! few old friends sent me IMs from old days not talked to them in ages . I worked at Big Daddys 80s club for 7 yrs they had big sign at club for my rez day Mgr contacted me told me i had forgotten it lol  My first Avatar i deleted i didnt know when you paid back then you could keep it with out paying. ( when i first started there wasn’t any land to rent . You had to buy linden lab land and then you had to pay monthly . ( you just shacked up with buddies lol ) It was more fun in old days !!! we weren’t so pretty but we had lots of fun. Have a great day all !!!

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Beach House Vacation

Beach House Vacation

Morning !!!! What a night last night lol !!! Logged off second life. went down stairs to my bedroom.  I had heard noises other night like mice running up in our attic ( we have re done a 1940 house .. restored it beautifully !  The field next door a empty 5 acres or so was finally cut after a year ( hunt club owns it so they don’t care if its cut or not .. I’m feeling they have come to our house for refuge lol . So my real life hubby put traps out .. But last night they or it rather sounded really loud !!!

and then we heard it down our bedroom wall!!! i banged on wall hoping it stop but noooo.. This morning … nothing in traps. Im Thinking its a black snake or maybe possum. uggg ‘Im having company end of month for week and hubby is going out of state for week . Don’t want my cousin that’s flying in to have horrible visit with sounds upstairs in the attic. Our friends here own a pest control business. We will call them if we cant get it . them or what ever it creeps me out for sure lol !! ( Tried to post this yesterday Morning matter of fact twice after 3 views or so in hour or so i said nope and deleted it !! now ill try today have a great Weekend all 🙂

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