The Softer Side

The Softer Side

Morning !!! I got up at 6am why i haven’t a clue why lol !!!

I went to bed at 1am 5 hrs is the least i can run on.  Lets see if i crash and burn today or not. Day 14 of my diet … I don’t own scales ( they  don’t work half of time ) or You gain and then lose off and on. I go by clothing. I wish i could say my Jay lo butt was gone by now but not yet lol !!!!  I am in the water weight loss stage. I had in past lost tons of weight and have gained back 30pds  that started after i stopped smoking 3 yrs ago .. ( yeah i blame smoking lol gota blame something  right ? ok dokie Im off to post have good day!!!

Kaithleen’s Bloom Dress Bloom

Wasabi Melon Hair Uber

Yummy Enamel Rose Choker & Earrings Uber


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