What Would You Like To Do Today?!

What Would You Like To Do Today

Its Saturday!!! Lots of things to do at least for me today !!! I was up early had a client for our rl business come to the door @ 7am to drop off  6 cushions and wanted to order certain special order color for them. Now to post and after lunch i go over to my moms house . She has something i need ( I’m stealing her antique pitchers white ones to decorate some on our new mantel ) My mom  has a huge house ( over 3,000sq) on water she is alone now dads passed away . She said for me to take any thing i want . I think maybe next yr or so she will sell house and down size or add on to my house and live here. not sure. Ok enough of my rl things !!!! You all have a wonderful weekend !!! Get out and enjoy your time in real life.

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The Softer Side

The Softer Side

Morning !!! I got up at 6am why i haven’t a clue why lol !!!

I went to bed at 1am 5 hrs is the least i can run on.  Lets see if i crash and burn today or not. Day 14 of my diet … I don’t own scales ( they  don’t work half of time ) or You gain and then lose off and on. I go by clothing. I wish i could say my Jay lo butt was gone by now but not yet lol !!!!  I am in the water weight loss stage. I had in past lost tons of weight and have gained back 30pds  that started after i stopped smoking 3 yrs ago .. ( yeah i blame smoking lol gota blame something  right ? ok dokie Im off to post have good day!!!

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~Bed Room Chill~

Bedroom Chill

Hi Happy Monday !!! ( not really but sounded good lol ) !! Did we all have a good weekend?!!! I worked & spring cleaned. Yesterday was all hands on deck !!! ( my rl and my dog lol ) We did hardwoods in dinning room, shampoo carpets, windows !! Bathrooms. Cleaned windows . I moved my exercise bike in my spare bedroom/Office by myself away from window to other end of the room .. So far no pain lol ( real life said he should moved it !! due to my back issues) I know hes stronger than i am but i had something to prove to my self. ( I’m hard headed lol ) Ok enough jibber. Have a great day at what ever you do !!


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Spring Has Sprung

Spring Has Sprung

Ahhh spring !!!! Where things are turning green and My sinus will be kicking up !!! lol

Runny noses and watery eyes,  head pressure. But… The trees and yard will be green .

Im more a fall kinda gal.

I had long day yesterday, Worked off and on and went to get my pedicure. dropped off things for my business ( real life business) 2 meetings  with clients .. Today is rest day . But tomorrow.. My spring cleaning starts!!! You name it … We bought our house a year ago but had to re model it . So only been living here 6 months. 1940’s Craftsman we did all work our self’s. But few things we didn’t do to get in quicker. Ok all have a great weekend !!!

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Hi happy Thursday !!! Wow i cant believe i slept in that’s been twice !!! Its a dark dreary day to day . My dog slept in so did real life !!! We  have 2 clients having appointments this morning to pick out fabric  to order for boat cushions and for tops of their cabin cruiser/yacht

We only like to have one in office at a time some one canceled yesterday ..

I wanted to get my nails done lol  ( Yes im selfish lol )  ok enough gibber jabber ..

have a great day.

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Morning Pick Me Up!!

Morning Pick Me Up!!

This is a beautiful Drink is made by Chicchica !! Its called bloody marry ( its name sake is Bloody Mary ) I have had a few in my life .. I love tomato juice but ..Mixed with hot sauce eww and its super hot ~!! not my deal but its pretty drink to hold in rl !!

Morning all!!  My day was interesting yesterday .. I went to doctor to get cortisone  shots in both knees !! I am bone on bone !! I got the shots in December and it fizzed out 😦

But felt like i was 25 again!! This is taking slower to take so far i dont see any improvement can take ..24 TO 72 hrs dr said I need ex ray to see if its gotten worse than my last one 6 yrs ago lol .. I hate being older !!!!!!!

ok you have gone with me threw my aches and pains lol . ( be glad your not my rl lol )

Have a great day today !!!! Be the best you can be !!! 🙂

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Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning

Well im up!!! Sunday Morning its daylight savings time.. I looked at my phone and thought akkkk!!! Its almost 9am !! I’m suppose to post my blog !!! Sucked down my pills ate a bagel and got some coffee in me . Ran up the stairs to my Computer room. With one eye open and one shut ! This will be super short aren’t you lucky?! The bed was nice and warm and my dog Pumpkin (25pd cockapoo part poodle and Cocker Spaniel was sound asleep shes my shadow  I creeped out of room or she would been up here wanting to play ball and Mama isnt awake yet lol. Have a great Sunday and remember you lost a hour of sleep lol ( well some of you have depends where you live )

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